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Meet Myra Kazi

Manager in Consulting Data & AI

Meet Myra, a Melbourne-based Manager in the Consulting Data & AI team. She’s passionate about assisting our clients in transforming their data into strategic assets.

So, tell us about a day in your life…

The day in the life of a consultant never looks the same.

For example, for my current engagement, the partnership with the client is absolutely imperative. So, each day I start the morning with a team stand-up. We go through the key tasks for the week and highlight the priorities for the day. I then work with my counterparts at the client side through a series of activities.

At the moment, we’re working on a data catalogue – think of it like a directory or Google search engine for your data in an organisation. We’re doing this in a really pragmatic way – working through incremental phases, running a lot of workshops and always maintaining stakeholder management.

The team at Deloitte is absolutely brilliant.

Our Data & AI team is incredibly young and energetic –there’s so much opportunity for anyone to experience different projects and learn new skills. For that reason, it's a highly enriching experience, and you won't find a more supportive team either.

What makes Deloitte different, especially in the terms of the work I do in Data & AI, is that technology and innovation are at the absolute core of what we do. More than that, Deloitte has to sit at the precipice of innovation and transformation, if we want to help clients and industry move the needle. That constant innovation at Deloitte is just so incredibly exciting.

  • Coffee order? Strong oat latte to soothe my lactose-free soul.
  • Favourites movie? The Great Beauty – a glorious film based in Rome about a hedonistic aged-intellectual who tries to find the meaning of life. Highly, highly recommend.
  • Any hobbies? I love to create and explore new cooking recipes! I also deeply enjoy listening to podcasts, running, and engaging in anything that’s design-oriented.
  • Best travel destination? Anywhere in Italy!

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