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Meet Erica Dodd

Data & AI Senior Manager

Meet Erica, a Melbourne-based Senior Manager who leads our AI Institute. She is passionate about inspiring others to learn more about and harness the power of AI, loves to crochet and explore her city’s culinary delights – and most of all, have great conversations.

So, tell us about a day in the life …

Tumble out of bed and I stumble to the kitchen, pour myself a cup of ambition, yawn and stretch and try to come to life. Dolly aside, my role is completely varied each day. Some days I’m hosting fluency labs for our clients, elevating their understanding of AI so that they can begin to harness its power and apply it within their own businesses. Or it’s organising an event with our incredible marketing team to get our brand out in the market. Or perhaps it's talking to students and positioning Deloitte as the graduate destination of choice. Or it’s collaborating with one of our many ecosystem partners to perform research on the Australian market or exploring how we can both deliver an exceptional AI-fuelled solution to our clients. One thing is for sure, I’m always working alongside someone in our incredible community, collaborating for success.

Outside the office, I unwind by doing crochet whilst listening to an audiobook. I also love playing video games with my squad. If I’m not at home, then I’m most likely at a local bar or restaurant enjoying a delicious drop of wine with some incredible food or at the pub being overly competitive with the trivia. A mixed bag, really!

Because of the people.

My goodness, the people are incredible, and they make my day complete. We have such a wonderful network of individuals that bring their own unique perspectives and know-how to work. We’re also encouraged to bring our authentic selves to work each and every day, and I love that I can just be myself when I step through the doors.

You also gain exposure to an incredibly diverse set of AI solutions and are constantly supported in your continued learning.

Because every day I get to have some truly incredible conversations with remarkable individuals. I learn something new every day from the people that surround me. I also have an incredible partner, who has nurtured my career since the moment I joined her team. I also love my job because we build some truly world-class AI-fuelled solutions for clients across a variety of industries.

Because we have an incredibly encouraging community that will support you in both your personal and professional lives. Deloitte understands that work happens alongside your everyday life – and promotes being able to work flexibly to ensure you’re happy, healthy and fulfilled in both. You will learn and develop your skills more than you think possible too, which is a delight!

  • Favourite song? – Nutshell, Alice in Chains
  • Inspirational podcast? – You’re Wrong About
  • Coffee order? Strong oat latte
  • Five star book? Brave New World
  • Best Dad/Mum Joke? “Where do melons go during the summer? John Cougar’s Mellencamp.”
  • Favourite sports team? New York Islanders

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