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Meet Carlton Mapundu

AI Analyst

Meet Carlton, a Brisbane-based Analyst in central AI Solutions team which sits across Deloitte’s Business Units and helps clients harness the power of AI. He joined the firm in January 2022, is a natural at coding and is crazy about Machine Learning and AI.

So, tell us about a day in the life …

I like structure, so a typical day for me begins with writing out my objectives for the day. Once that’s done (tick!), my day involves me joining the team on our daily stand-up meetings, lots of coding, lunch, project meetings, some non-technical work like doing up an architecture diagram for a project and more coding.

Finally, I wrap up the day by playing some music and singing along to it. If I am home alone, I do this out loud, but if not, I hum along to the rhythm of a happy heart.

Everyone says this, but it’s true - the culture is second to none.

Personality and personal excellence are inseparable, so we are invited to bring our whole selves to work. People care about people here, and that drives us all towards bringing back great outcomes every day.

Believe it or not – it’s self-expression!

Work is my easel and with my laptop and headset, I am my own Michelangelo. With each keystroke, I not only contribute to a greater team, but I learn something new and get better at making machines do what I want them to do.

You don’t apply for a role when you put in an application – you apply to enter a community of like-minded forward thinkers who can give you the platform to grow into your space while achieving great outcomes. You’re applying for a platform to learn and grow – and if that’s a little daunting, you can still just play a role, too. :)

  • Favourite song to sing along to – Honestly, it depends on the direction the wind is blowing – ha ha. Michael Jackson’s ‘Man in the Mirror’ is a classic, but if I am a little home sick, then anything by Oliver Mtukudzi is great (look him up!)
  • Inspirational podcast – Big Money Energy by Ryan Serhant
  • Five-star book – Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell
  • Favourite sports teams – Memphis Grizzlies (NBA), North Queensland Cowboys (NRL) and Liverpool FC (EPL)
  • Cool DIY projects I will do (eventually) – Home security system with Raspberry Pi’s (Home Alone Style :))

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