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Technology Consulting

We’re not your traditional Consulting practice. Far from it. Our team of forward-thinking and collaborative consultants offer clients thoughtful solutions that sustain profitable growth and stability. We work on some pretty cool projects – from Experience Design, Fintech, Strategy to Tech Transformation.

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Within our Technology Consulting business, we have teams that operate across the tech lifecycle:
  • ADVISORY: Be part of a team advising clients upfront on the tech solutions we offer.
  • IMPLEMENTATION: Your client has agreed on the solution, now, be part of the team that provides the architecture that helps answer the question ‘how should we do this’?
  • DATA & AI: Here you'll be a specialist in working with the systems and the data that drives our solutions.
  • DELIVERY: This is where your tech skills come to the fore, working directly in the detail with our product and development teams on the build work to deliver the solution to our clients.

1. Find your fit

Learn more about the specific Deloitte teams we're hiring into, and the work you can expect in a role with us, to find a career pathway that fits your skills, interests and future ambitions. 

Industry Solutions

Are you looking for a place where your work will help accelerate transformation for your clients – by combining deep industry, sector and domain expertise with a technology focus – to deliver client outcomes in new and innovative ways? Do you want to be at the intersection between business and technology? Look no further!

What will you get to do?

  • Where to begin? Every day brings new and exciting challenges as an operations transformation and industry-focused consultant. Working on our client's most critical challenges by providing business-led, technology-enabled advisory services to deliver technology and operational solutions for our clients
  • Advise clients in the development of technology strategies, operating models and modern architectures and deliver product/program management and technology-enabled business transformation services for our strategic clients
  • As an Industry-focused consultant, you will have the opportunity to work across key industries such as Banking & Insurance, Federal and State Government and Healthcare.

Degrees:  Business, Commerce, Computer Science, Engineering, Finance, Information Systems, Information Technology, Mathematics, Science, Software Engineering, Statistics.

Tech Strategy & Transformation

As a team of future-focused Strategists and Architects, we help organisations develop digital and technology strategies to implement changes that build business value and drive enterprise performance. From IT enabled business change programs to IT operating model transformation and implementing more efficient Lean-Agile development processes, our professionals work across the full IT lifecycle, bringing deep knowledge and experience to our clients' most complex challenges.

Every problem we solve equips our graduates with the breadth of skills, knowledge and experience needed to tackle whatever comes next with technology innovations.

What will you get to do?

Our past Grads have worked on some of Australia’s largest technology transformation projects, from:

  • Helping an Ambulance Service understand how technology can improve response times and patient outcomes
  • Supporting an entire State Government to design a holistic digital solution to deliver better services to the public; and
  • Researching industry trends, analysing business and technology needs, and translating them into solutions.

Degrees: Business, Commerce, Engineering, Finance, Information Systems, Information Technology, Mathematics, Science, Software Engineering.

Deloitte Digital

A digital, customer and marketing consultancy, we believe that the intersection of creativity, technology and business will deliver the most powerful progress. Our difference comes from our depth and diversity. We have the business acumen of a strategic advisor; the design capability of a creative agency and the engineering depth of a technology firm.

We recruit into five main teams:

Digital Technology & Engineering

We are a large function within our Digital Experience & Marketing team. We are made up of specialists from all aspects of development, AR/VR and digital analysis. We’re focused on delivering the best experiences for customers, across a diverse range of technologies both bespoke and leveraging market-leading platforms. As the conduit between business, technology and creative disciplines, we deliver solid solutions to complex challenges and bring the best customer experiences to life.

What will you get to do?

  • Become an expert in a range of capabilities across market-leading digital platforms, front-end, back-end, engineering, data science and native mobile development... the list goes on!
  • Understand business requirements, design and deliver rich user interfaces utilising cutting-edge technologies.
  • Support in the design and creation of optimal digital experiences.

Degrees: Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Systems, Information Technology, Engineering, Commerce, Marketing, Data Science.

Digital Creative & Design

We are the creative experts in the Digital Experience & Marketing team. Specialising in visual design, creative and advertising strategy, we craft ideas and solutions to ensure stronger user engagement.

What will you get to do?

  • Work with iconic high-profile clients and bring brands to life.
  • Solve business and customer problems using content strategy, prototyping or interaction design.
  • Develop and deliver effective brand strategies to enhance client marketing functions.

Degrees: Visual Communications, Design, Media, Journalism.

Digital Marketing & Data

As the third function of the Digital Experience & Marketing family, we specialise in marketing technology to deliver a superior personalised customer experience.

What will you get to do?

  • Identify core issues and provide clients with data-driven approaches to resolutions.
  • Use a variety of tools, like Google Analytics and Tableau, to analyse data and generate insights.
  • Enable clients to deliver purpose stories to their customers.

Degrees: Marketing, Data Analytics, Data Science, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Systems, Information Technology.

Digital Customer Platforms

Learn from the best and build your knowledge of tech platforms from the ground up. Using market-leading cloud platforms, we combine our deep expertise of the digital space with our unique understanding of customer behaviour. By doing so, we help clients reimagine how profits are made, how customer relationships are nurtured and how customer services can be digitised.

What will you get to do?

  • Become an expert in Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics or Managed Services.
  • Transform and digitise the indirect sales, service and management of customers through assisted channels.
  • Receive certification and support with the cloud ecosystem across specialisations like AI, IoT, Platform Development and Analytics.

Degrees: Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Systems, Information Technology, Engineering.

Digital Strategy & Design

We are a Customer Strategy & Applied Design team – a blend of strategic development, user experience (UX), content and digital design. Use data and human-centred design methods to re-think strategies from the customer first and bring clients on a journey through our collective expertise.

What will you get to do?

  • Conduct market and competitor studies.
  • Integrate physical and digital spaces.
  • Understand human behaviour and create meaningful experiences that impact people’s lives.

Degrees: Business, Economics, Law, Engineering, Information Systems, Information Technology, Visual Communications, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Multimedia Design, Media, Journalism.

Digital Studios & Operate

We are a team made up of specialist across mobile and front-end developers, DevOps and a range of digital back-end application technologies. We focus on enhancing the experience, delivery and operations of customer & marketing technology solutions that our clients use to power their growth.

What will you get to do?

  • Researching, test and using new tools and frameworks as each new project begins so we're constantly up-to-date with the latest technology and trends.
  • Build (iOS/Android) and cross-platform (react native) apps that transform digital experiences.
  • Specialise in one of a range of areas including Salesforce, Dynamics, .NET, Java, PHP, mobile and FED.

Degrees: Software engineering, computer science or a technical background.

Emerging ERP

Help clients design, configure, and deploy contemporary cloud technologies to supercharge business operations, gain data-driven insights into their customers, and unlock their growth potential. We support the engine rooms of our clients, offering solutions for success. 

What will you get to do? 

  • Work as part of a growing team with industry-leading experience 
  • Guide clients through complete ERP lifecycles allowing 
  • Become an expert on transformational outcomes.

Degrees:  Computer Science, Data Analytics, Economics, Engineering, Information Systems, Information Technology, Mathematics, Statistics, Software Engineering.

Enterprise Technology (Oracle + SAP)

Our brilliant Consultants get a little uneasy with average and find fulfilment from watching our work succeed in challenging projects. Join us as we leverage cutting-edge technologies such as Robotics, Cognitive Learning, Advanced Analytics and deliver solutions through strategic partnerships with SAP & Oracle.

What will you get to do?

  • Provide clients with technology advisory services and end-to-end implementation of ERP and cloud-based tech solutions.
  • Use world-class software solutions to conduct requirements gathering, business process design and software configuration.
  • Choose to specialise in anything from technology strategy and HR technology, to risk advisory and digital!

Degrees: Actuarial Studies, Business, Commerce, Computer Science, Data Analytics, Engineering, Information Systems, Information Technology, Mathematics, Science, Software Engineering, Statistics, Supply Chain Management.

Cloud & Engineering

Sitting within the Core Business Operations (CBO) team, our team of Cloud experts help clients design and build technology solutions across the entire technology stack, from cloud applications to networks and infrastructure! We have a knack for translating business requirements into future-proof tech solutions that transform the user experience completely.

What will you get to do?

  • Contribute to designs, workshops and architecture solutions, and engage in vendor/client sessions
  • Team up with our clients and tech partners to provide cloud (AWS, GCP and Azure), network and security, and digital workplace solutions to help deliver application-focused outcomes.
  • Attend industry-level conferences to better understand how our cutting-edge solutions do what they do.

Degrees: Computer Science, Engineering, Information Systems, Information Technology, Software Engineering, Communications.

HR Technology & Transformation

Sitting within Human Capital Consulting, our forward-thinking team specialises in all things tech. We combine technology with the human experience to unlock innovation and create meaningful work. In doing so, we provide organisations with their greatest competitive advantage – a productive and engaged workforce that drives greater business outcomes. Our purpose is to make work better for people and people better at work.

What will you get to do?

  • Work on projects that span from HR strategy and Digital HR through to Workforce solutions and HCM implementations.
  • Participate in visual design workshops and get involved in data analysis to generate insights.
  • Specialise in the following HCM platforms: SAP SuccessFactors, Workday or Oracle.

Degrees: Information Systems, Information Technology, Computer Science, Engineering, Software Engineering, Business with exposure to Technology.

Data & AI

Our team uses a combination of data insights, modelling, digital technologies and automation to transform and reimagine processes. We're absolute data nerds and love working with numbers and large data sets (the more unstructured, the better!).

What will you get to do?

  • Work with clients to scope problems and subsequently clarify and refine requirements.
  • Develop your ability to use a variety of analytical tools.
  • Learn or develop your skills in languages like SQL or Python using technologies such as AWS, Azure, Google or Databricks.

Degrees: Mathematics, Statistics, Information Technology, Computer Science, Science, Data Analytics, Data Science.

Cloud Operate

We help our clients evolve their core business operations – fostering an enduring partnership built on a foundation of assets, trust, and care – to become the nerve centre of our client-managed operations.

By enhancing what Deloitte has built, or improving what we didn’t, we use world-leading expertise and assets to deliver unparalleled managed service operations that compete on quality and value, not price. Our team offers DevOps Engineering, 24/7 support, secure cloud hosting, and Industry Solutions as a Service with contemporary technology, modern offerings, and driving continuous evolution in highly complex or mission-critical environments.​ 

What will you get to do? 

  • Apply an understanding of our client’s business processes to inform solution development. Helping customers go live, stay live and optimise their systems to increase productivity and quality, and drive revenue. 
  • Conceptualize solutions and take care of big picture requirements around quality assurance, security, scalability, and maintainability. 
  • Build solutions involving integration, application development, front-end and server-side environments.  

Degrees: Information Systems/Technology, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Engineering. 

Centre for Innovation & Technology (Ade)

Adelaide’s Centre for Innovation and Technology is a first for Deloitte in Australia. We are harnessing South Australia’s technology and innovation ecosystem to develop and deliver new offerings for the Australian market more broadly. 

A graduate role within our Centre for Innovation and Technology could see you working with teams, not only in Adelaide but across Australia. There are unique opportunities to collaborate with some of the world’s leading technology providers to address complex operational and business challenges to meet new market needs.

You’ll receive training and development, to support you to become a specialist in market-leading technology (including, but not limited to, Salesforce, ServiceNow, SAP, AWS, and Workday). You’ll work closely with our Technology Alliances and help develop innovative solutions for our clients, our partners and society.

We’ll connect you to purpose, progression, and an impact that matters. Whether you’re a disruptor, a creator, or a decision-maker – your green dot is what you make of it. 

Degrees: Business, Computer Science, Engineering, IT/Information Systems, Software Engineering, Statistics.

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