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Finance & Economics skills

Join our finance and economics team to shape the financial landscape of businesses and communities. From financial planning to economic analysis, you'll provide strategic advice, optimize financial performance, and drive sustainable growth in a dynamic and ever-evolving environment.

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Step 1. Discover your career pathway

Learn more about the specific Deloitte teams we're hiring into and the work you can expect in a role with us to find a career pathway that fits your skills, interests and future ambitions.

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

We develop and deliver service offerings related to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and Climate and Sustainability. Using our specialist skills and global reach, we help our clients navigate the rapidly evolving ESG disclosure and reporting requirements, tailored to their specific needs and vision, to generate sustainable improvements in their ESG monitoring and reporting. We provide audit and advisory services to clients seeking to uplift their ESG capabilities, climate governance, reporting readiness and assurance ESG reporting.

 Environmental Science, Climate & Sustainability, Environmental Engineering, Biodiversity and/or Accounting, Finance

Controls Assurance

Our Controls and third-party assurance specialist team applies core assurance and accounting techniques to assist our clients in assessing and enhancing their internal controls and operational performance. We focus on specialist control reviews and assurance reporting, mainly over financial services organisations, including control reviews over third-party service providers. Our portfolio of clients includes some of the largest business names in Australia and globally. 

Business, Management, Finance, Accounting or Business Law

Learn more about: AUDIT & ASSURANCE

We uncover major opportunities and identify risks beyond traditional financial reporting.

What will you get to do? 

  • Gain enviable client-facing skills as you craft and deliver innovative solutions for our clients’ most complex problems.
  • Build your understanding of our client's industries and their typical challenges.
  • Use the latest tech tools to develop creative solutions and help prepare project plans and reports.

We recruit into the following streams:

  • Finance Assurance - Accounting Advisory

Our teams apply core assurance and technical accounting skills in an assurance or consulting context to assist our clients in managing their operational performance. Our team comprises specialist advisors in finance function assurance, large accounting transactions, and specialised finance outsourcing, providing advice across a wide range of industries and various levels of government.

DegreesAccounting (Major or Minor)

  • Treasury & Regulatory Advisory (TRA)

Our newly formed Treasury & Regulatory Advisory division within Assurance comprises the following high-performing specialist teams:

  • Treasury & Capital Markets (TCM)

Our banking, government and corporate client service offerings to Australia's largest publicly owned companies, global corporates, private businesses and the three tiers of government are delivered by a team of specialists through advisory and audit channels. Our differentiated support covers all aspects of treasury and financial risk management, including governance, controls, regulatory advice, accounting for derivatives, treasury technology, global cash management, outsourced accounting, model validation, credit provisioning and internal/external audit support, to name a few.    

Degrees: Accounting, Finance, Economics, STEM, Actuarial Science 

  • Governance Regulation & Conduct (GRC)

We specialise in supporting our clients on governance, regulatory compliance, and retail conduct risk matters. This helps our clients, predominately within the Wealth Management, Banking, Credit, Superannuation and Insurance industries, identify past problems while strengthening their business to minimise the risk of future regulatory and conduct issues. Our support covers governance and controls reviews, regulatory advice, regulatory implementation, and remediation design and support.  

Degrees: Accounting, Finance, Economics, Law, STEM, Psychology

  • Centre of Excellence Financial Services Regulatory (CoE FS Reg)

We are a national practice within Deloitte’s Centre of Excellence that offers assurance and regulatory advisory services to the Wealth Management, Superannuation, Insurance and Banking sectors.  We support our clients in crafting and developing solutions for complex regulatory issues and meeting regulatory requirements. Demand for our regulatory specialist and audit services is growing more than ever as the world recognises our talent.

 Degrees: Accounting, Finance, Economics, Business Law

  • A&A Operate

Our team designs and leads large-scale operations for private and public sector clients. We're known for delivering Australia's largest financial services remediation programs, grant assessments, finance managed services, motor industry services, financial crime operations and complaint handling operations facilitated through our own in-house technology capabilities. If you want to learn the craft of operational leadership and solve complex problems, A&A Operate is the place for you.

Arts, Commerce, Business, Finance, Economics, Management, Law, STEM

Learn more about: AUDIT & ASSURANCE

Igniting brilliance in business.

We help our clients unlock incredible performance where it matters most. From their supply chain to their finance function, we harness ground-breaking solutions that can bring productivity, sustainability, and innovation to the very heart of their business.

We guide our clients along the end-to-end implementation lifecycle - from setting strategy and design to technical deployments and ongoing optimisation. Our goal is to help our clients achieve lasting performance from their investments.

We have teams that advise clients and teams that implement these solutions.

Degrees: Computer Science, Data Analytics, Business, Finance, Commerce, Economics, Engineering, Information Systems, Mathematics, Statistics, Software Engineering, Supply Chain Management and Economics.


Learn more about: CONSULTING

Our team manages and executes the overall strategy of Deloitte Australia, including Corporate Strategy, Market Intelligence, Corporate Development, Ventures, Innovation and Technology Enablement.  We are connected across the whole business, enabling our colleagues to innovate and disrupt with their clients, people, and teams.

What will you get to do?

  • Rotate across our Strategy & Innovation teams
  • Be involved in helping Deloitte make strategic investments
  • Gain exposure setting up, scaling, and launching products to continually push Deloitte into the future.

Degrees:  Information Systems, Creative Intelligence & Innovation, Management, Finance

Learn more about: ENABLING AREAS

Transformation is at the heart of how we remain competitive and underpins our Four at the Core agenda.  It provides access to world-leading software, technology partnerships, skills and resources, and long-term servicing capabilities so that we can drive significant outcomes for clients at speed and scale. 

What will you get to do:

  • Rotate across our 4 pillars - Assets, Alliances, Delivery Centres and Operate
  • Broaden your skills in an exciting area of the business as we transform and disrupt
  • Bring innovative ideas to life that will transform our business

Degrees:  Information Systems, Creative Intelligence & Innovation, Management, Finance, Transformation

Learn more about: ENABLING AREAS

We’re a diverse team of talented, unique, supportive, and high-performing experts who work across various clients, industries and projects. We deliver unique insights to help public and private sector organisations plan for the future.

Deloitte Access Economics

Join Australia’s largest team of economists in delivering unique insights to help public and private sector organisations plan. Every day with Deloitte Access Economics (DAE) is different. Venture from the nitty-gritty – navigating the complexities of policy development and implementation, to the theoretical – forecasting, modelling, and consulting.

What will you get to do?

  • Understand the implications of major decisions and navigate the complexities of policy development and implementation.
  • Gain exposure to Australia’s leading economists and get involved in quantitative and qualitative analysis of economic policy and industry-specific issues.
  • Build enviable skills in economic advisory, consulting, and research.

Degrees: Economics, Engineering, Business, Commerce, Arts.

Energy & Climate Advisory

Sitting within Deloitte Access Economics, we help businesses, governments, and energy consumers navigate uncertainty as the energy sector becomes increasingly disrupted by new policies, technologies, and business models.

What will you get to do?

  • Explore and identify different issues impacting outcomes in the energy market.
  • Build models to understand the costs and opportunities of different energy technologies.
  • Conduct research, write reports (both public and confidential) on your analysis and present your own work to clients and stakeholders.

Degrees: Economics, Engineering, Business, Commerce, Arts.

Learn more about: FINANCIAL ADVISORY

Did you know Deloitte has a Forensic practice helping clients deal with real and ever-present threats such as program integrity, governance, fraud, corruption, and money laundering?

Our Forensic teams are fast-growing groups of trusted advisors who help clients manage their growing regulatory and customer demands for fraud mitigation.


Discovery & Data Management (Forensic Technology)

We help clients navigate tech risks through internal investigations and forensic analysis of electronic evidence collected from phones, computers, networks, storage devices and backup systems. We work on projects that involve everything from theft of intellectual property and misuse of computer systems to detecting fraudulent activity, intentional deletion of data and tracing data breaches.

What will you get to do?

  • Get exposure to tracing data breaches, intellectual property theft, misuse of computer systems and fraudulent activity (such as corruption and money laundering).
  • Roll up your sleeves to investigate electronic evidence collected from mobile phones, computers, networks, storage devices and backup systems.
  • Design solutions for engagements relating to electronic discovery, forensic investigations, legal support, and digital forensics.

Degrees: Data Science, Information Technology, Information Systems, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Engineering, Law, Criminology, Forensic Science.


Forensic Analytics

We support and advise clients on a wide range of financial crime and regulatory issues that include money laundering, financial crime, and fraud. Our data experts are inquisitors looking for needles in the haystacks of data and information that can signal trouble in the making.

What will you get to do?

  • Use data visualisation, statistical and quantitative analysis, and explanatory and predictive modelling information to facilitate an informed decision-making process for clients.
  • Continuously monitor our clients’ transactions and activities.
  • Identify new opportunities for clients through better utilisation of data.

Degrees: Mathematics, Statistics, Data Science, Actuarial Studies, Information Technology, Computer Science, Software Engineering or Commerce.


Forensic Solutions

Our Forensic Solutions team is 100+ people strong and is comprised of practitioners from all sorts of fields, ranging from law enforcement and accounting to forensic technology, business intelligence, and financial crime. This a great example of a diverse team working collaboratively together toward a common goal!  

What will you get to do?

  • Strategic Advisory: Advising clients on their strategic and operational posture for preventing, detecting and responding to integrity issues, poor governance, serious non-compliance, fraud and corruption, both within Australia and the Pacific region.
  • Investigations: Gather evidence by interrogating large data holdings, conducting financial analysis, interviewing witnesses, and undertaking background searches. You will work with colleagues from our forensic analytics and technology disciplines to crack the case! 
  • Disputes: Review and prepare information to help assess the significance of a specific claim or undertake complex financial analysis in support of expert witness proceedings in court.
  • Financial Crime Advisory: Working in a team advising clients on anti-money laundering, sanctions, bribery, corruption and fraud. You could assist high-profile clients in dealing with the issues flowing on from the Financial Services Royal Commission.
  • Forensic Accounting: Analyse and report on the financial aspects of complex accounting matters and assess the quantum of loss or damage for investigations and disputes.

Degrees: Accounting, Business, Commerce, Economics, Finance, Law.

Learn more about: FINANCIAL ADVISORY

We know that Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) are a huge deal for businesses, so we make sure they succeed from start to finish. Through constant collaboration and professional development, we turn clients’ frustration into assurance with our sophisticated and tailored M&A advice.

What will you get to do?

Get world-class on-the-job training from our global network for M&A professionals and specialise in one of the below teams**:

  1. Advisory: We support our clients by advising them on M&A transactions, including buying and selling businesses and assets, from the moment they begin to consider a transaction to the day that the deal is completed and ownership changes.
  2. Transaction Services*: We make sellers’ lives easier by providing due diligence information, analytics on key financial/operating performance metrics, transaction-related tax and accounting advice, and reviewing sale and purchase agreements.
  3. Valuations: We help clients understand the worth of entities, assets and liabilities to make informed business and investment decisions by quantifying and articulating value for the transaction, financial reporting, taxation, financing, litigation and strategic management purposes.
  4. Intellectual Property Advisory: Our IP Advisory team specialises in quantifying and optimising the value of tech, data and brands – covering fields as diverse as agri-tech, biotech, cleantech, fintech and mining tech. We help clients commercialise intellectual property (IP), raise funds, leverage IP in M&A, develop IP strategies and meet intangible asset reporting requirements.
  5. Fixed Asset Valuations: At M&A Fixed Asset Valuations, we help clients with asset-intensive businesses value their plant and infrastructure for financial reporting, stamp duty, tax and strategic management purposes.
  6. Consulting Services: We help clients navigate deals and support them in strategy, commercial, operational advice, due diligence and implementation across mergers and divestments with a focus on increasing growth and value.
  7. People M&A: We help clients navigate the people-related aspects of deals, which sit at the heart of deal value. We focus across the M&A lifecycle in areas including HR due diligence, change and communications, organisational design, workforce transition and culture integration.
  8. Business Modelling: The business modelling team provides clients insightful business planning and forecasting analysis. Using quantitative analysis and sound judgment, we build financial and economic modelling solutions to help our clients make strategic decisions and enhance stakeholder value.
  9. Data Analytics (iDeal): Every M&A decision is driven, at least in part, by data. In the past, you might not know the real story behind the numbers until your business was in the trenches of post-deal transition. iDeal enables you to go deep into the data to find out what’s really going on within the tight time frame of most deals —before it’s too late.

Degrees: Open to all degrees

*By joining M&A Transaction Services, you will have opportunities to develop your skills through professional studies, such as support with completing your Chartered Accountants (CA) Program.

**Different locations hire into different teams. You can see which teams are available in each location on the individual M&A job ads when applying.

Learn more about: FINANCIAL ADVISORY

Data Risk & Compliance Analytics: Our Data Risk and Compliance Analytics team supports our clients from the development of their data strategy and governance framework through to the implementation of operational analytics solutions leveraging robotic process automation and machine learning. Currently, we’re focusing on regulatory compliance, reducing operational risk, data lifecycle management, and controls transformation within various industries!

What will you get to do?

No two days are the same in the Data & Analytics team as you help clients navigate and understand complex business issues and organise them into data-driven solutions to build process flow and data strategy.

On a typical project, you’ll work closely with a team of experts and start off by sourcing and preparing data for analysis. Then, you’ll dive deep into the data to develop meaningful insights to present to the client using software like Excel, SQL, Tableau, and Power BI. Advanced statistical modelling software such as Python and R are tools at your disposal. Don’t fret; you'll have 100% support from the team as you pick up these new skills! Once you’ve discovered hidden data insights, you’ll get to develop tailored recommendations and solutions for the client. Pretty cool, right?


  • Data Risk: Data Analytics, Business Analytics, Business Information Systems, Information Technology, Economics, Data Science, Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics.

    Learn more about: RISK ADVISORY

Today’s business environment faces waves of disruption, with rapidly changing regulations, societal expectations, and digital innovation. These provide businesses with great opportunities for change and innovation, but significant transformation can be inherently risky. We help clients safely and sustainably bridge this gap between risk and opportunity.

By joining our team you'll work with clients across a variety of industries including Financial Services, Energy & Natural Resources, Government Public Sector, Consumer Business, Life Sciences & Healthcare, and Technology, Media & Telecommunications. You will help our clients confidently transform how services are designed and delivered to communities, re-imagine business models, accelerate digital transformation, and adopt emerging technology.

What will you get to do?

On a typical day with us, you could be:

  • Assisting clients in meeting their governance, risk, and compliance obligations.
  • Design and implement regulatory frameworks and end-to-end risk management processes to deliver high-quality outcomes efficiently and effectively.
  • Build relationships with clients to advise and support them through their transformation journey effectively.
  • Advise on the risks facing digital transformations and ensure they are appropriately addressed at the right stage of implementation.
  • Define and embed risk management strategies for digital technologies such as automation, artificial intelligence, and cloud.
  • Provide program/project management delivery, risk management and assurance services for large-scale transformation projects and programs.
  • Establish alignment between the client’s business value and benefits anticipated from the transformation. 

We want team members with an understanding of business environments and technology and a willingness to learn how complex IT environments and major transformation programs impact business operations.

Degrees (All Regions excluding Canberra):  Business/Commerce, Project Management, Digital Business, IT or a combination of these degrees.

Degrees (Canberra Only): Law, Business/Commerce, Finance, Project Management, Digital Innovation, Psychology, Digital Business, National Security or Counter Terrorism.

Learn more about: RISK ADVISORY

Our clients want to understand and model uncertainty. They want to learn from data, and they want to optimise and automate business decisions. Our job is to help them connect data with decisions.

What will you get to do?

Work with our experts across one of two streams:

  1. Advisory: Shape strategy, define policy, navigate the regulatory environment, and understand competitive landscapes.
  2. Analytics/Technical: Use core Mathematics, Statistics and Data Science capabilities alongside interrogating data to build explanatory and predictive models, design decision strategies, and create insightful data visualisations.


Advisory: Business, Commerce, Economics, Law

Analytics & Technical: Data Science, Information Technology, Computer Science, Engineering, Science, Mathematics, Statistics.

Learn more about: RISK ADVISORY

Every day, we help clients navigate uncertainty, enabling them to embrace the inherent risks that come with opportunity. With deep expertise across business processes and tech risk, we’re the only one of the Big 4 who advises across so many aspects of risk.

What will you get to do?

Work with our specialists across our four pillars:

  • Internal Audit – Providing confidence to our clients that their risk and control strategies are working through assessments of key financial, and operational business processes and technologies  
  • Risk Management & Transformation – Designing smart solutions to improve risk management and frameworks and capabilities that enable successful business outcomes  
  • Controls Consulting – Helping clients design, implement and test the effectiveness of internal controls that they rely on to manage their key risks. 
  • Governance – Working with clients to help them improve the effectiveness of governance across their organisation.  

Degrees: Accounting, Business, Commerce, Economics, Finance, Information Technology, Information Systems, Arts.

Learn more about: RISK ADVISORY

We're specialists in a broad range of increasingly important indirect taxes, including GST, State Taxes, Global Trade and Advisory, Fuel Tax and Luxury Car Tax. We’re at the forefront of indirect tax policy, framing national conversations, and regularly and successfully leading litigation.

What will you get to do?

  • Work with a diverse team of accountants and lawyers to solve complex tax issues as a result of mergers and acquisitions, business reorganisations and evolving indirect tax legislative change within Australia and globally
  • Assist clients in managing tax authority and government regulator audits and reviews
  • Work with several Deloitte teams to develop tailored solutions to assist clients with tax transformation, including outsourcing and adopting technology to streamline compliance.

Degrees: Accounting, Business, Commerce, Economics, Finance, Law

Learn more about: TAX & LEGAL

We work with multinational enterprises to help them understand and apply global transfer pricing rules to their business. This involves providing our clients with insights and expertise on various international-related party transactions and arrangements and helping them defend their arrangements in interactions with tax authorities.

What will you get to do?

  • Be part of a global transfer pricing network and team with Deloitte transfer pricing practices in various other countries in delivering advice to multinational clients.
  • Combine legal, financial, and economic skills to analyse and apply transfer pricing rules to various intra-group arrangements and transactions.
  • Work with clients from various industries and business types, meeting with key personnel from across the business to understand how the business operates and drives value.

Degrees: Accounting, Business, Commerce, Economics, Finance, Law

Learn more about: TAX & LEGAL

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