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Data & Analytics skills

Dive into data and analytics, where you'll harness the power of big data and advanced analytics techniques to uncover valuable insights for our clients. From predictive modelling to data visualisation, you'll help businesses make data-driven decisions and drive transformative change.

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Step 1. Discover your career pathway

Learn more about the specific Deloitte teams we're hiring into and the work you can expect in a role with us to find a career pathway that fits your skills, interests and future ambitions.

Analytics Solutions

Our A&A Analytics Solutions team uses a combination of data insights, modelling, digital technologies, machine learning and automation to transform and re-imagine audit processes. We're absolute data nerds and love working with numbers and large data sets (the more unstructured, the better!).

What will you get to do?

  • Attend client meetings to scope problems and subsequently clarify and refine requirements.
  • Transform and analyse client data, developing your ability to use analytical tools like SQL, Python, Tableau and R.
  • Learn or develop your programming skills in Python, C# or JavaScript while enhancing our analytics platform.

Degrees: Mathematics, Statistics, Information Technology, Engineering, Computer Science, Science, Data Analytics, Data Science.

Learn more about: AUDIT & ASSURANCE

We uncover major opportunities and identify risks beyond traditional financial reporting.

What will you get to do? 

  • Gain enviable client-facing skills as you craft and deliver innovative solutions for our clients’ most complex problems.
  • Build your understanding of our client's industries and their typical challenges.
  • Use the latest tech tools to develop creative solutions and help prepare project plans and reports.

Treasury & Regulatory Advisory (TRA)

Our newly formed Treasury & Regulatory Advisory division within Assurance comprises the following high-performing specialist teams:

  • Treasury & Capital Markets (TCM)
    Our banking, government and corporate client service offerings to Australia's largest publicly owned companies, global corporates, private businesses and the three tiers of government are delivered by a team of specialists through advisory and audit channels. Our differentiated support covers all aspects of treasury and financial risk management, including governance, controls, regulatory advice, accounting for derivatives, treasury technology, global cash management, outsourced accounting, model validation, credit provisioning and internal/external audit support, to name a few.    

Degrees: Accounting, Finance, Economics, STEM, Actuarial Science 

Inspire incredible. Grow with purpose.

Our clients and customers face new opportunities and challenges in accelerating economic, social, regulatory, and technological disruption. Our Strategy & AI practice delivers transformational services and solutions to help our clients adapt and thrive through this disruption.

Our Strategy & AI team responds to change and shapes the agenda for the future of business. Combining the talents of our teams, we work together to solve the biggest challenges and create new opportunities for our clients.

Degrees:  Strategy, Business, Commerce, Data Analytics, Finance, AI, To do Actuarial Studies/Science, Information Technology, Mathematics, Software Engineering, Science, Artificial Intelligence 


Learn more about: CONSULTING

Our Client and Workplace Experience team are experts in property management, workplace design and operations, creating memorable experiences for our people and our guests and passionate advocates for climate action. 

What will you get to do? 

  • Utilise data and analytics to identify patterns, trends, and opportunities across the property and workplace portfolios. 

  • Track and monitor progress towards sustainability goals using relevant tools and methodologies. 

  • Assist with designing sustainability strategies aligned with the firm’s objectives, taking into account industry best practices and emerging trends. 

Degrees:  Data Analytics, Environmental Sustainability 

Learn more about: ENABLING AREAS

Project Management Office

Suppose you want to be part of a technology office, developing, supporting, and delivering services that enable a modern workforce. In that case, Deloitte is the perfect place to build a solid foundation of technical know-how while working with emerging technologies.  We provide a full suite of technology services to the Deloitte Australia business in a high-energy, fast-paced environment. We implement and support large strategic technology projects that support Deloitte to meet key business objectives.

Degrees: Information Technology, Software Engineering, Computer Science, Cyber Security

Learn more about: ENABLING AREAS

Transformation is at the heart of how we remain competitive and underpins our Four at the Core agenda.  It provides access to world-leading software, technology partnerships, skills and resources, and long-term servicing capabilities so that we can drive significant outcomes for clients at speed and scale. 

What will you get to do:

  • Rotate across our 4 pillars - Assets, Alliances, Delivery Centres and Operate
  • Broaden your skills in an exciting area of the business as we transform and disrupt
  • Bring innovative ideas to life that will transform our business

Degrees:  Information Systems, Creative Intelligence & Innovation, Management, Finance, Transformation

Learn more about: ENABLING AREAS

Did you know Deloitte has a Forensic practice helping clients deal with real and ever-present threats such as program integrity, governance, fraud, corruption, and money laundering?

Our Forensic teams are fast-growing groups of trusted advisors who help clients manage their growing regulatory and customer demands for fraud mitigation.

Discovery & Data Management (Forensic Technology)

We help clients navigate tech risks through internal investigations and forensic analysis of electronic evidence collected from phones, computers, networks, storage devices and backup systems. We work on projects that involve everything from theft of intellectual property and misuse of computer systems to detecting fraudulent activity, intentional deletion of data and tracing data breaches.

What will you get to do?

  • Get exposure to tracing data breaches, intellectual property theft, misuse of computer systems and fraudulent activity (such as corruption and money laundering).
  • Roll up your sleeves to investigate electronic evidence collected from mobile phones, computers, networks, storage devices and backup systems.
  • Design solutions for engagements relating to electronic discovery, forensic investigations, legal support, and digital forensics.

Degrees: Data Science, Information Technology, Information Systems, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Engineering, Law, Criminology, Forensic Science.


Forensic Analytics

We support and advise clients on a wide range of financial crime and regulatory issues that include money laundering, financial crime, and fraud. Our data experts are inquisitors looking for needles in the haystacks of data and information that can signal trouble in the making.

What will you get to do?

  • Use data visualisation, statistical and quantitative analysis, and explanatory and predictive modelling information to facilitate an informed decision-making process for clients.
  • Continuously monitor our clients’ transactions and activities.
  • Identify new opportunities for clients through better utilisation of data.

Degrees: Mathematics, Statistics, Data Science, Actuarial Studies, Information Technology, Computer Science, Software Engineering or Commerce.

Learn more about: FINANCIAL ADVISORY

We know that Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) are a huge deal for businesses, so we make sure they succeed from start to finish. Through constant collaboration and professional development, we turn clients’ frustration into assurance with our sophisticated and tailored M&A advice.

What will you get to do?

Get world-class on-the-job training from our global network for M&A professionals and specialise in one of the below teams*:

  • Business ModellingThe business modelling team provides clients insightful business planning and forecasting analysis. Using quantitative analysis and sound judgment, we build financial and economic modelling solutions to help our clients make strategic decisions and enhance stakeholder value.
  • Data Analytics (iDeal)Every M&A decision is driven, at least in part, by data. In the past, you might not know the real story behind the numbers until your business was in the trenches of post-deal transition. iDeal enables you to go deep into the data to find out what’s really going on within the tight time frame of most deals —before it’s too late.

Degrees: Open to all degrees

*Different locations hire into different teams. You can see which teams are available in each location on the individual M&A job ads when applying.

Learn more about: FINANCIAL ADVISORY

Data Risk & Compliance Analytics

Our Data Risk and Compliance Analytics team supports our clients from the development of their data strategy and governance framework through to the implementation of operational analytics solutions leveraging robotic process automation and machine learning. Currently, we’re focusing on regulatory compliance, reducing operational risk, data lifecycle management, and controls transformation within various industries!

What will you get to do?

No two days are the same in the Data & Analytics team as you help clients navigate and understand complex business issues and organise them into data-driven solutions to build process flow and data strategy.

On a typical project, you’ll work closely with a team of experts and start off by sourcing and preparing data for analysis. Then, you’ll dive deep into the data to develop meaningful insights to present to the client using software like Excel, SQL, Tableau, and Power BI. Advanced statistical modelling software such as Python and R are tools at your disposal. Don’t fret; you'll have 100% support from the team as you pick up these new skills! Once you’ve discovered hidden data insights, you’ll get to develop tailored recommendations and solutions for the client. Pretty cool, right?


  • Data Risk: Data Analytics, Business Analytics, Business Information Systems, Information Technology, Economics, Data Science, Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics.

    Learn more about: RISK ADVISORY

Our clients want to understand and model uncertainty. They want to learn from data, and they want to optimise and automate business decisions. Our job is to help them connect data with decisions.


Use core Mathematics, Statistics and Data Science capabilities alongside interrogating data to build explanatory and predictive models, design decision strategies, and create insightful data visualisations.

Degrees: Data Science, Information Technology, Computer Science, Engineering, Science, Mathematics, Statistics.

Learn more about: RISK ADVISORY

Are you looking to join a united team of diverse professionals focused on solving complex challenges? If you're interested in transformation, technology, process, people (or tax!), join our team at an incredible moment in time… opportunity rewards those fearless in facing change – could this be your moment?

What will you get to do?

  • Designing, building, and implementing digital tools to streamline and automate processes for clients.
  • Supporting clients in their digital transformation journey.
  • Develop and Apply tax technical skills to client technology and data projects.
  • Working side-by-side with data analysts to deliver tax solutions. 

Degrees: Business/Commerce (Accounting, Taxation, Finance, Economics), Data Analytics, Computer Science, IT, Project Management, Business Information Systems, Business Administration. 

Learn more about: TAX & LEGAL

Step 2. Ready to apply?

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