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Cyber skills

In a world increasingly threatened by cyber risks, you can be at the forefront of defending organizations against cyber threats. As part of our cyber team, you'll work with cutting-edge technologies, develop robust security frameworks, and provide proactive guidance to protect our clients' sensitive information.

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Step 1. Discover your career pathway

Learn more about the specific Deloitte teams we're hiring into and the work you can expect in a role with us to find a career pathway that fits your skills, interests and future ambitions.

Cyberspace is constantly evolving, and so are the threats it brings. That’s why our work is more meaningful (and exciting) than ever. We're not just looking for future cyber professionals; we're in search of the next generation of leaders inspired to tackle the evolving challenges of our technology world.

What will you get to do?

We provide varied roles, from Security Architect and Engineering to managing emerging threats with innovative technologies and developing robust frameworks to withstand advanced cyber threats. Your skills in security testing, cyber strategies, identity and access management, threat intelligence, digital forensics, and protecting data privacy in the midst of digital transformations are highly valued and can be honed with us.

Information Technology, Information Systems, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Cybersecurity or Business/Commerce/Law with an interest in technology.

Learn more about: RISK ADVISORY

  • Infrastructure – Cyber, Technology

Suppose you want to be part of a technology office, developing, supporting, and delivering services that enable a modern workforce. In that case, Deloitte is the perfect place to build a solid foundation of technical know-how while working with emerging technologies.  We provide a full suite of technology services to the Deloitte Australia business in a high-energy, fast-paced environment. We implement and support large strategic technology projects that support Deloitte to meet key business objectives.

Degrees: Information Technology, Software Engineering, Computer Science, Cyber Security

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Step 2. Ready to apply?

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Graduate Program

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Vacation Program

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International Students

We accept applications from international students across a variety of roles. Please visit our International Students page for more details.

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