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Gender Equity

Towards a future where we can all reach our potential.

At Deloitte, we’ve set a goal to have women leaders, role models and allies in every part of our business, strongly influencing decision-making and change. To have 40% female representation across all leadership teams and job levels by 2027.

Too often, women are led to believe that overcoming these challenges is their own individual responsibility. It’s not. We don’t need to fix women; we need to fix the system.

Pip Dexter, Chief People and Purpose Officer

Taking action

Achieving Gender Equity

  • We’re 1 of 2 organisations in Australia to have held the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) citation for 22 consecutive years. 
  • Employees who identify as women now represent 50% of all our workforce up to Manager and over 40% of Firm Executive and Board roles.
  • We’ve introduced gender targets for all business areas and new dashboards to drive progress. 
  • We’ve run our flagship Inspiring Women Leadership development program for 22 years.
  • We’ve made a panel promise to harness diverse female perspectives across client engagements, presentations and speaking events. 

Closing the gender pay gap

Equal Pay means that men and women performing the same or similar roles receive the same pay. Whereas the Gender Pay Gap is the difference in average hourly earnings between all men and women across the organisation.

When it comes to equal pay, we review the pay of all of our people twice a year to ensure that there is less than a 1% difference between genders for the same or similar work across Deloitte.

Regarding our gender pay gap, we know that the biggest contributor is female representation at our more senior levels, where we aspire to have 40% female representation across all leadership teams and job levels by 2027.

We recognise that some people’s gender experiences and identities cannot be captured by binary language. Even though we recognise that neither sex nor gender exist in binary categories, in this case, we have chosen to use binary language to convey the gendered nature and dynamics of our society.

The power of allyship

While our vision is the ‘what’, allyship is the ‘how’. Our All-in Allies Group is our Gender Allyship Network. All in Allies engage gender allies to use their privilege and power to educate, demonstrate and advocate on gender-related topics. It’s founded upon the belief that we all play a role in cultivating a truly equitable environment.

Breaking the norm 

Deloitte Access Economics, in partnership with Australians Investing in Women, researched the root causes behind the gender gaps and what we stand to gain by tackling them.

The report finds that more flexible ideas around gender could lead to an additional $128 billion annually for Australia’s economy.

To find out how, download our Breaking the Norms report.

Making work work for families

We offer up to 28.4 weeks of parental leave to parents of all genders. This is the combination of 18 weeks paid parental leave and the ability to receive up to 10.4 weeks of additional pay as a part of our return to work support payment.

More than half of people who take parental leave firm-wide are men, meaning their partners have the freedom to continue working and earning while sharing childcare duties. 

Work in a way that works for you

As more of our people work part-time, it is important that we prioritise flexible ways of working to support our people to be their best at work and at home. Our Deloitte Flex framework offers 13 ways to flex your working week to balance your life and work commitments. 

Read more about Flexibility at Deloitte.

Our gender affirmation policy

We want our people to feel valued, supported and safe. We have guidelines for team members affirming their gender and additional leave to offer them during this process. And we upskill coaches on supporting team members through this process to enable the best support possible. 


Workplace Gender Equality Agency

Deloitte Australia has received consecutive 'Employer of Choice for Gender Equality' citations since 2003 by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA).

Champions of Change Coalition

Through our Champions of Change strategy, a range of senior leaders work together to use their profile and leadership to elevate gender equality as an issue of national and global importance. Deloitte is a founding member and our CEO, Adam Powick, is one of the current Champions of Change in Australia. 

Read more about: Champions of Change Coalition

Family Friendly Workplaces

We are extremely proud to be a founding partner and one of the first companies in Australia to be certified as a family-inclusive workplace under the National Standards launched by Parents at Work and UNICEF Australia in 2021.

Read more about: Family Friendly Workplaces

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