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Meet Rachael Akhidenor, Strategy Consultant

Meet Rachael, a Melbourne-based Strategy Consultant in Deloitte Monitor. She loves working alongside great human beings who share a similar passion for learning, growth and connection.

So, tell us about a day in the life … 

Every project is so unique, so the structure of the day largely depends on the project I’m on. At present, my day usually begins with a check-in of emails and a meeting with the team. If we’re in the office or at the client’s office, this is usually proceeded with a team coffee catch-up. Then, it’s back at the desk for work. This could involve preparing for client presentations, engaging in analysis, collaborating with the team, or executing client deliverables. It’s a really collaborative project, so I’m often in calls (if I’m working from home) or in a meeting room in the office working with people in my team. I love that this project is a mixture of Deloitte business units; it makes for a really rich experience. I also love that the project has a number of client workshops. They’re a lot of work, but always really rewarding.

Why Deloitte?

Because it truly is human-centred. It’s really incredible to work in an organisation that puts its people first. Not only is the culture really great, but its commitment to being a ‘workplace of the future’ is something truly amazing. Deloitte Flex is an incredible policy; and Deloitte’s commitment to it allows me to work on projects I love – both inside and outside of Deloitte.

Why do you love your job?

Because of how much I learn and continue to learn. And of course, the people I get to work with. It’s so great to be able to work alongside so many great human beings who share that a similar passion for learning, growth and connection.

Why should someone be excited about joining your team?

The people. The culture. The flexibility. The work.

  • Coffee order? - Strong soy cap
  • TV series recommendation? - Anything ‘Real Housewives’
  • Book recommendation? - ‘Tiny Beautiful Things’ by Cheryl Strayed
  • Podcast recommendation? - After Work Drinks (it is as it sounds) 


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