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Meet Donna Goss, Quality Engineering Senior Manager

Meet Donna, a Sydney-based Manager in our Actuarial team, which is part of the Strategy AI and Transformation practice in our Consulting Business Unit. She is a keen baker and one of her favourite things to do is problem solving.

So, tell us about a day in the life … 

I’m an early riser (teenage me would be appalled!) so I like to kickstart the day with something non-work related, like exercise or breakfast and a good chat.

I mix my time between working from home and from the office, which feeds the energy for the parts of me that are extroverted and introverted.

My day varies depending on how many projects I am working on, but generally involves a mix of meetings with team members and clients, proposing and planning for upcoming work and executing and reviewing current work. More importantly, the aim of these tasks is to build relationships, identify areas where our clients need help to uplift or execute their processes, figure out how to provide that help, and then to deliver with a balance of quality and efficiency.

My area of focus is Life Insurance so most often my projects cover actuarial modelling, valuations and capital.

I end the day with good food, reading and my guilty pleasure, - TV series. 

Why Deloitte?

Deloitte strives to be ahead of the curve, not only for our clients but also our employees. I enjoy applying myself to building relationships and adding value for clients, and Deloitte offers me the flexibility to do that in between my commitments outside of work.

I love the mix of people I get to work with every day and I embrace the opportunities offered to me for career progression.

Why do you love your job?

One of my favourite things to do is problem solving, which is what I get to do every day. Being a consultant means having a variety of tasks, constant challenges, and generally working with people who are smarter than me so I’m always learning as I work.

Why should someone be excited about joining your team?

There is a place in our team for all personalities! We utilise that mix of personalities and skills to achieve the best possible outcomes in our projects. If you’re a talker – you’ll fit in. If you’re quiet and technical and want to dig into the detail – you’ll fit in. If you have big ideas and want a platform to share them and see where they go – (guess what) …

  • Coffee order? - Strong almond cap, but some days I like to be extra with an iced dirty chai latte. I always add caffeine.
  • TV series recommendation? - The Office
  • Podcast recommendation? - Short history of… 

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