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Our clients

Making an impact that matters for our clients

Collaboration is a key driver that positions our clients and Australia for future prosperity. The organisations we offer services to are our partners in shaping the national agenda, and we work together to tackle their most complex issues.

Working together is what fuels our purpose. Many of the most important contributions Deloitte makes to achieve our purpose are delivered with or completed on behalf of our clients. This work happens in a variety of ways. It might involve designing a new operating structure for a media organisation, or assisting with the transformation of a HR function for a major government enterprise. 

Thought leadership is one way to take on the big issues and help clients to plan strategically and keep informed on future developments.

Our Shaping Future Cities series, brings the right groups of stakeholders together to have honest conversations and collaboratively develop blueprints for the future of some of our most important regions in Australia. 

Our Building the Lucky Country series has been developed to prompt debate and conversations across business, industry associations, government and the media on the ‘big picture’ issues facing the Australian economy.

What are the key issues facing our clients? Deloitte has a dedicated Social Impact Consulting Practice that works at the intersection of government, business and the not-for-profit (NFP) sector to tackle complex social challenges and deliver positive social impact. The practice combines the best of Deloitte’s expertise with the firm’s belief in helping clients deliver lasting social change across human services, disability, aged care, indigenous and international aid and development.