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HealthPulse Workforce

Evidence-based insights to optimise workforce

HealthPulse Workforce empowers leaders and clinicians to develop sustainable, world-class healthcare by utilising complex datasets along with machine learning algorithms to optimise critical workforce resources.

Deliver sustainable Australian healthcare with analytical power

Workforce is the core of hospital and healthcare service delivery, accounting for approximately two-thirds of public hospital recurrent expenditure across Australia. With increasing rates of growth in hospital services, significant health infrastructure programs around the country is under considerable strain. To achieve sustainable healthcare delivery, the effective use of a skilled clinical workforce is imperative. However, unique organisational structures and differing services across healthcare providers make it difficult to assess or benchmark the appropriateness of workforce settings and undertake peer comparison.

HealthPulse Workforce overcomes this challenge by:

  • Breaking down healthcare workforce into components using a standardised service structure
  • Providing a trusted, evidence-based internal and peer comparison at a service level
  • Assessing service productivity using appropriate metrics relevant to the clinical unit
  • Producing a diagnostic output that identifies and prioritises opportunities with confidence.

Driven by big data, Deloitte’s health service experts deliver meaningful, impactful and evidence-based insights into workforce planning, productivity improvement, and realignment opportunities for service expansion plans.

Why HealthPulse Workforce?

The HealthPulse Workforce process begins with a detailed analysis of healthcare providers' service data to provide thorough insights into emerging opportunities to improve workplace productivity and realignment. This analysis forms the basis for clinician and leadership consultations which aim to validate and buy into improvement opportunities and pave a way forward for implementation.

Here’s a breakdown of how HealthPulse Workforce operates in three simple steps:

  1. Mapping data to consistent functional structure: Powered by a machine learning algorithm to ensure consistency and speed, each staff position is mapped to a standardised service functional structure to enable comparison and detailed analysis.
  2. Identifying opportunities: Within each functional unit, three types of opportunities are assessed: internal variation in workforce levels overtime, workforce levels compared to peers, and workforce seniority compared to peers.
  3. Assessing opportunities: Through targeted consultation with clinicians and leadership, opportunities are validated and assessed, rated for risk and difficulty of implementation, and prioritised to provide a clear roadmap. Targeted consultation ensures correct interpretation and to gain context for the analysis.
  • Standardised approach: An artificial intelligence (AI) classification algorithm maps each hospital’s staffing and operating structure to a consistent model
  • Detailed and meaningful analysis: Granular and efficient analysis based on client data, while providing actionable insights
  • Operationally relevant insights: Metrics and analysis according to international standards, provided to health professionals to be successfully interpreted for testing, validation, and implementable operational changes
  • Effective benchmarking: Assessment of operational improvement opportunities through effective peer benchmarking and powerful time series self-benchmarking
  • AI-Powered processing: AI algorithms developed in-house reveal detailed and predictive analytics and self-learn after every application encounter
  • Deployable in any jurisdiction: Comprehensive standardised data requests enabling data intake from any jurisdiction, along with jurisdictions’ own classification system.
  • Enhance like-for-like peer comparisons and high-quality analysis
  • Maximise effective analysis across varied users with proven and valid analytical data
  • Harness actionable insights to successfully engage with health professionals
  • Access comprehensive insights to elevate opportunity identification and solution design
  • Repeatable analysis to monitor and track progress or outcomes.

Five major health services (2019)

Deloitte was engaged to undertake a detailed review alignment of workforce and service volumes across five major health services in 2019, which led to several outcomes:

  • Engaging with the executive and key clinical stakeholders of each health service to identify workforce structure issues
  • Identifying and prioritising workforce realignment initiatives with each health service to support operational improvement
  • Developing a work plan to implement enablers for further workforce alignment improvement, including rostering system implementation, workforce framework development, information sharing, and workforce flexibility.

These project outcomes have supported operational improvement initiatives across the five health services.

Major metropolitan health district (2020)

Deloitte was engaged by a major metropolitan health district to undertake a review of workforce structure across the district’s major facilities. The intention of the analysis was to inform workforce realignment initiatives that would support the delivery of new hospital and community-based services to manage priority patient cohorts.

The analysis involved engaging with clinical leadership to establish actionable opportunities and the facilitation of executive sessions to prioritise areas for workforce realignment and operational improvement.

"Health services across Australia face a growing challenge in recruiting and retaining their increasingly pressured workforce. It is critical then for health services to ensure that their staff are being deployed effectively to align with patient needs, and to have a clear view of workforce pressures and growth requirements" Miho Matic, Product Director, Deloitte.

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