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Equipment Condition Supervisor (ECS)

Condition Monitoring Data Analysis

Getting ahead of a failure can potentially reduce costs associated with unscheduled maintenance by up to 30% for a typical fleet.

Using data to improve equipment reliability

The ECS is the Reliability Engineer that never sleeps, works 24/7 and can analyse a months’ worth of data in a millisecond. This means your Reliability Engineers and those responsible for condition monitoring can actually get on with the job of running reliability programs, scheduling  maintenance, and working on the equipment, not  reading and interpreting reports and data. The algorithms in our Equipment Condition Supervisor (ECS) identify the precursors to component damage at the earliest onset and often before significant wear is occurring. ECS is Deloitte’s predictive maintenance platform that drives automated data analysis for your equipment, making sure your maintenance crew’s time is well spent on tasks that add real value to your operation. The web-based system is a simple yet effective interface between your data and the work orders that it produces from the analysis.

Get the full value from your oil sampling investment with ECS.

We believe that data is only as good as the actions it creates. There is an incredible amount of data being collected from different components of equipment that simply isn’t used. Whether the data is from telemetry, oil samples or observations, how that data is analysed and then used in a constructive manner to maintain reliability has always been a challenge. We’re helping equipment owners and operators maintain reliable mobile fleet and fixed plant by utilising their data to generate action.

Our people have had years of experience working with assets in harsh operating environments. We’ve lived with the consequences of equipment failure and understand the importance of using all available data to maintain a reliable fleet. Our three data analysis modules were developed to use all the relevant data from your equipment to help your team get on with what they do best –  maintaining reliable and productive equipment.

We’ll work with you to eliminate transactional processing of reports and data, as well as automate the creation of work orders to get well  ahead of any failures. Our mission is to provide your maintenance and  reliability teams the opportunity to make a tangible difference to their  equipment’s reliability and productivity.

Oil sample module

It’s universally agreed that oil samples provide an excellent insight into your equipment, and the data they generate, when used effectively, can prevent component wear and subsequent failures. The Oil Sample Report Module removes the need for your condition monitoring and reliability teams to review oil sample reports and make decisions on what needs to be done.

We know that only 20% of oil samples are utilised for maintenance decisions, which means 80% of your investment in oil sampling is wasted. We’ve done the numbers and worked out for a typical site that produces 6,000 samples a year at $75 total cost per sample, that’s around $360,000 a year on wasted oil sampling. Within the ECS, the Oil Sample Report Module allows your team to fully utilise all data from the oil sample reports to develop preventative maintenance tasks, automatically and instantaneously. Get the full value from your oil sampling investment.

In many cases, this data is simply used as an alarm to alert a supervisor of an imminent failure or operator mismanagement. However, the data being collected goes well beyond imminent failure alarms. Use of this continuous data stream allows condition monitoring and reliability teams to identify subtle trends and changes in a component’s condition. The On-board Data Analytics Module identifies these changes in the on-board data and creates a work order to get ahead of the issue before a failure presents. Not only does it assist in improving your fleet’s health, it reduces the number of alarms and alerts your team needs to deal with daily.

Onboard data module

New generation equipment provides the greatest opportunity to understand its health and performance through the onboard data it collects.

Future analysis report tool (FAST)

When component failure occurs on equipment, the need to find a root cause is needed as quickly as possible to prevent  other failures across the fleet.

Failure Analysis Support Tool (FAST), can get to the root cause through a combination of a forensic review of historical oil sample reports combined with other investigative tools such as component strip downs, onboard data, and visual inspections. Utilising the ECS, a forensic review of oil sample history can pinpoint the time and likely causes of failure by identifying subtle changes in fluid condition in the past. Customers receive a FAST Report as well as a consultation with the Analyst who prepares the final report which includes:

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