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Deloitte GovLab Australian case studies

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Delivery of a virtual Design Lab (GovLab) in partnership with the WA Innovation Hub

The new WA Innovation Hub, led by Professor Fiona Wood, City of Canning’s Chief Innovation Officer Jemma Greene and RAC’s Innovation and Transformation Lead Cettina Raccuia, has been established to connect innovative ideas from the Public Sector Commission’s iThink platform with the right people. The WA Innovation Hub has leaders from various innovative organisations across the state to drive the strategic direction of the hub’s activities.

Deloitte collaborated with the WA Innovation Hub to deliver a virtual Design Lab in June where 70 members of the community came together to have a discussion and develop potential solutions to the current and important challenge: “How might we ensure that citizens stay well as Western Australia commences the process of easing restrictions?”

The virtual session was based on Deloitte’s GovLab methodology, which is aimed at generating innovative solutions to complex or “wicked” issues by taking participants through a four phase design process: Look & Listen, Solve, Prototype and Pitch. It has been used successfully in other places to explore issues such as homelessness, community safety and the future of regulation.

For this session, participants were randomly allocated to virtual breakout teams to work through the four design phases with a Deloitte co-facilitator. At the end of each phase, the key findings from that phase was reported back to the wider team.

Ideas and innovations that were developed during the Design Lab included various methods for engaging the community, gathering data and approaches for communications and education campaigns, including apps for health information, financial literacy and support.

The WA Innovation Hub will now review the ideas and innovations generated during the Design Lab to further develop and test with the WA Community.

100 minutes to innovate: Enhancing collaboration in the public sector

Deloitte’s Western Australian Emerging Leaders’ Dialogue (ELD) program cohort recently participated in a GovLab 100 minutes to innovate masterclass, focussed on Enhancing Collaboration in the Public Sector.

Using Deloitte’s rapid fire innovation methodology GovLab, participants from the Western Australian public sector generated and refined ideas and prototyped solutions – all in 100 minutes! Ideas included a government wide collaboration platform and game show inspired incentive program.

Deloitte’s Emerging Leaders’ Dialogue is a national program that builds capability and leadership of aspiring public sector leaders. The WA program launched in August with ELD workshops focussed on whole of government themes such as leadership and culture and reducing red tape.

100 minutes to innovate: ‘Doing more with less’ in government

GovLab Australia hosted 100 minutes to innovate masterclasses in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, which explored the wicked problem of reducing cost while retaining value (‘doing more with less’) in government.

The high energy, interactive masterclasses brought together participants from a range of public sector agencies to collaborate and explore the challenge of ‘doing more with less’. Attendees ‘walked in the shoes’ of the government employees or service-users, created ideas, developed a prototype and tested their solutions.

A range of innovative ideas were created at the GovLab masterclasses:

  • In Brisbane, attendees developed prototypes using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to assist citizens to access appropriate online information from the right government area the first time, and to help direct phone enquiries to the right area the first time.
  • In Perth, attendees developed prototypes that allowed people to access integrated government services when they want, wherever they want, however they want. They used technological solutions to provide convenience, including using existing platforms such as Siri and Google Home.
  • In Adelaide, attendees developed prototypes that would streamline processes and remove duplication between different Government departments. The teams worked together to create a solution that that would provide agencies with a 360 degree view of a citizen’s case, and the actions that had already been taken by government to date to engage or support the individual.

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