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Deloitte’s Global Infrastructure Magazine | Edition #2

Our latest edition will discover how infrastructure is transforming our world and society for the better.

Luke Houghton

Infrastructure is about much more than bricks and mortar; it’s about improving people’s everyday lives, everywhere.

Deloitte’s Global Infrastructure magazine series is dedicated to exploring and sharing best practice, insights and thought leadership from around the world.

Our second edition explores how infrastructure is gradually transforming our societies so they are better places to live, work and play for our citizens and communities. Infrastructure that is accessible, inclusive and constantly adapting to our changing environment. Infrastructure that adapts to evolving needs and preferences. The list goes on!

We have interviewed some of the best minds across the globe to create 47 different stories of infrastructure with impact – ranging from incredible female leaders who are championing infrastructure for good, to an interview with an EV charging start-up that is tackling inequity in the UK, to leaders who are exploring how a new high-speed rail network mega project can transform local communities and the economy and much more.

In every organisation, people build informal “go-to” teams. They rely on that one person who always knows “how we do things here.” They find someone in finance who can answer any budget question. These spontaneous, critically important connections are the lifeblood of organisations worldwide. In today’s world of disruption, organisations can no longer afford to be designed entirely by hierarchies and physical structures and need to embrace the power of invisible networks to unlock adaptability.

By leveraging network science and organisational data, AONA uncovers these invisible networks, highlighting how information is exchanged, and how staff collaborate across functions.

What is Deloitte’s solution to this challenge?

AONA is a survey-based platform that combines formal data (hierarchy; spans and layers) and informal data (network & collaboration data powered by network analysis) and overlays proprietary algorithms to generate instant insights for the organisation.

What are some of the solution’s key elements?

  • AONA’s insights help predict candidates for cross-functional teams, and help identify risks, such as isolated / siloed teams, interaction bottlenecks, and “key person risks”, as well as roles which may not be working as designed.
  • AONA enables you to explore formal structures, such as whether spans of control are too wide leading to workload issues and lack of mentorship, determine consistency in the top structure creating high overhead costs, duplication of roles and functions and whether there is consistency of governance creating lack of clarity on decision-making.
  • Ultimately, it helps our consultants pinpoint where interventions are necessary.

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