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AFR Super & Wealth Summit
Tuesday, 31 October 2023 08:30 AEST


31 Oct.

Tuesday, 08:30 AEST

AFR Super & Wealth Summit

Building a financially confident Australia

Australia is in the grips of a cost-of-living crisis. Interest rates are the highest in a decade, weekly outgoings are skyrocketing, wages stagnating, the economy slowing and unemployment increasing. 

These weekly price pressures are forcing Australians to prioritise today’s needs over tomorrow’s dreams. In this tough fiscal environment, how can the super and wealth industry support all Australians to live for today, as well as reach an equitable, sustainable and secure retirement? 

The industry must lead Australia towards a more resilient and confident financial future. This can be achieved by providing improved and accessible financial education, affordable and equitable advice at scale and transparent, sustainable investment options. In addition, innovation and the continued digital transformation of the industry needs to drive value, engagement and efficiency in wealth solutions.

For Australia to truly prosper, all its people must have access to a secure, comfortable and confident financial future. At times of difficulty the industry has an opportunity to lead the way, to give Australians at every age and at every stage of their financial journey the financial freedom they seek and deserve.

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