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AFR Banking Summit
Tuesday, 26 March 2024 8:00 AM AEST

Hybrid - Conference

Event language: English

26 Mar. 2024

Tuesday, 08:00 am AEST

AFR Banking Summit

Banking, but bolder
Beyond the balance sheet

As relentless economic turbulence continues to challenge Australian consumers and businesses, one thing is clear: to truly be the lucky country, we must invest in the things we value. 

There is a profound opportunity to spur new and diverse sources of economic growth, leveraging the sectors Australia relies on today while finding new ways to drive a better tomorrow. The future is firmly in our grasp, and banks are central to this ambition.

While the industry eyes transformation to manage costs and improve efficiency, it is critical that banks rebuild trust by reinforcing a clear and authentic commitment to the customer. By putting Australians at the heart of all decisions, banks can create real value by using new technology to improve customer outcomes through to leading an uplift in Australia’s cybersecurity ecosystem.

There are challenges ahead. But these challenges bring opportunities to grow, find new sources of value, and continue supporting Australians as we collectively strive for a more secure, sustainable, and prosperous society. 

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The Quantum Countdown

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In tech’s big theatre, quantum computing will soon take centre stage, presenting opportunities unlike anything we've seen before. Our new report The Quantum Countdown: Preparing for a new tech revolution explores how this technology works, its boundless possibilities, plus why and how organisations should prepare for the quantum leap. 

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