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AFR Energy & Climate Summit
Monday, 9 October 2023 9:00 AM AEST


9 - 10 Oct.

09:00 am AEST

AFR Energy & Climate Summit

Energy transformation – Let’s get it done

With Australia at the tipping point of its decarbonisation journey, and local as well as global events continuing to place pressure on the energy system with higher energy prices impacting the end consumer and small business community, the energy and climate ecosystem recently gathered at the AFR Energy & Climate Summit 2023.

The conversation and debate on the path forward were wide-ranging, and reflected both the complexity of the challenge, and the scale of the opportunity for Australia to meet and exceed its net zero ambitions, and to become a global renewable energy superpower.

Throughout this hub, we share a range of our insights and perspectives in the form of podcasts, reports, and blogs, on how Australia can deliver energy transformation.  

Energy & Climate 2023

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Beyond the Summit: Australia 2030

Discover the AFR Summit Series Podcast

Where have we come from? Where will we go? 

To shape a better future, we must learn from our past and act in the present. In this podcast series, Deloitte sits down with some of the nation’s most influential business and government leaders to unpack what Australia would, could, or should look like in 2030. Join us as we explore the road ahead and what it means for our economy, our climate, and our people in this new age of disruption. 

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