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Beyond the Summit: Australia 2030

To shape a better future, we must learn from our past and act in the present. Join us as we explore the road ahead and what it means for our economy, our climate, and our people in this new age of disruption. 

Where have we come from? Where will we go?

To shape a better future, we must learn from our past and act in the present. In this series recorded across AFR industry summits, we sit down with influential business and government leaders to unpack what Australia would, could or should look like in 2030.

Join us as we explore the road ahead and what it means for our economy, our climate, and our people in this new age of disruption. 


Podcast Episodes


Episode 15: AI in Higher Education: Unleashing the Power of Generative AI

Explore how AI is transforming the way universities operate, support students, and conduct research. 

Listen to Episode 15 here

Episode 14: The future of business banking in an uncertain environment

With a rapidly growing business services sector in Australia, banks are exploring new opportunities to diversify away from traditional sources of economic drivers in the market.

Listen to Episode 14 here.


Episode 13: A greener tomorrow – how sustainable finance will reshape Australia

Explore the role sustainable finance will play in reshaping Australia's future.

Listen to Episode 13 here.


Episode 12: Future energy system – the electrification of everything

Discuss the challenges and opportunities of transitioning to a greener future.

Listen to Episode 12 here.


Episode 11: Connecting people, cultivating communities

From seamless journey planning to autonomous vehicles, Australia's transport infrastructure is evolving to shape a more connected, sustainable and prosperous future. 

Listen to Episode 11 here.


Episode 10: Investing in the electrification of everything

Talk through the challenges as we continue on our decarbonisation journey. 

Listen to Episode 10 here


Episode 9: Trust and innovation are changing the Super game

Thoughts and insights on how trust and innovation are helping Australian Retirement Trust lead the way, embrace technology and inspire member confidence. 

Listen to Episode 9 here.


Episode 8: Driving innovation and partnerships in the higher education sector, feat. Airbus

Investing in Australian university partnerships to accelerate Australia’s contribution to the global space ecosystem.

Listen to Episode 8 here.


Episode 7: The future consumer – the lasting impacts of the energy crisis

As we tackle the ‘Energy Transition’ energy affordability is going to get worse before it gets better (significantly worse). Discusses the impact of the transition on consumers and small businesses and what can be done to support them.

Listen to Episode 7 here.


Episode 6: Avatars, the metaverse and the future of retirement advice

Discuss the complexities of retirement, how innovative retirement products and providers can assist retirees make the right decision, and how digital advice and guidance can be harnessed by all.

Listen to Episode 6 here.


Episode 5: The road to decarbonisation

Discuss ways to accelerate the electrification of vehicles in Australia as part of our journey to decarbonisation. 


Episode 4: Driving innovation and partnerships in the higher education sector – Part 1

Speak about the importance of embracing innovation at tertiary institutions and how they’re securing the future of its students and the city of Adelaide. 

Listen to Episode 4 here.


Episode 3: The importance of regional policy and development in the electrification of everything

Opportunities and challenges in regional Australia for decarbonised energy production and transmission. 

Listen to Episode 3 here.


Episode 2: Government for the people

The future of government services, how to make them more resilient, connected and equitable and what that means for the people of Australia.

Listen to Episode 2 here.


Episode 1: Banking, nature and the $44 trillion question

We know nature has intrinsic value – but what about economic value? Explore natural capital and how banks can shape a more sustainable economy.

Listen to Episode 1 here.