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Our Transformation Story

The journey continues

Deloitte South Africa has reached a critical milestone in its transformation journey when, in June this year.

The firm achieved 51% Black representation at partnership level.

"This milestone in our transformation journey is a major source of inspiration for us, while we do acknowledge that there is still far more work to be done. Being truly representative of South African society within Deloitte remains our goal. This is a crucial step towards achieving that in the long-term."

Ruwayda Redfearn
Chief Executive Officer, Deloitte Africa

Redfearn says the milestone could not have been achieved without the solid foundations laid by former Board Chairs, Futhi Mtoba and Trevor Brown, as well as former CEOs who drove this process; the late Vassi Naidoo, who became Deloitte’s first Black partner in 1984, followed by Grant Gelink and Lwazi Bam.

As far back as 1970s, Deloitte’s inclusive ethos saw the firm deliberately recruiting and developing Black accountants who could eventually become partners. In the 1970s Deloitte set up a school in Soweto to help prepare matriculants to study bookkeeping and accounting at university. 

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