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ERP Analytics

Our service offering ERP Analytics is concerned with the application of our service offerings and industry focuses in an ERP environment (specifically SAP).

The ability to customise the standard Deloitte Analytics data management and analytics capabilities based on a deep understanding of the relevant ERP data structures, processes, controls and functionality provides our clients with a distinct advantage.

Challenges you may face

Organisations spend vast amounts of money implementing and managing ERP systems and yet have many of the same data management and analytics challenges that the “have-nots” have.

This may represent a challenge as the implementation of an ERP is typically accompanied by heightened expectations regarding the additional business value that will be extracted as a result of the implemented ERP.

Benefits to you

Not only can our ERP-customised data management and analytics capabilities optimise the operation of ERPs; they can also help to unlock previously unexplored business value.

The application of our ERP Analytics capability can deliver improved master data management and data quality, business process management and optimisation, enhanced asset and human capital management and more robust decision making.

How Deloitte can help you

Think of ERP Analytics as Deloitte’s standard data management and analytics capabilities on boosters. We will help you to optimise the value that you extract from your ERP, while reducing the associated costs of implementing and managing your ERP by leveraging our deep ERP knowledge, combined with our data management and analytics capabilities.