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eDiscovery Management

Deloitte Discovery experts apply forensic practices to collect preserve and process data required for the discovery process or potential use as evidence in legal proceedings.

An entire business dispute, commercial investigation, or multi-million-rand litigation may hinge on identifying when a single piece of data was communicated, generated, altered or deleted, by and to whom, and under what circumstances.

The Deloitte discovery team is a global group of over 200 specialists who assist clients in local, national and international cases.

Our highly experienced professionals assist clients in addressing the technological challenges of today’s complex investigation and litigation environments by implementing thoroughly practical approaches, supported by specialist technology and processes. We provide the following services to clients:

Identification, collection and forensic analysis of electronic data from a wide range of sources

Our document review services professionals provide clients and their legal counsel with efficient and timely assistance with document review and production in complex business disputes and investigations.

A key component of effectively dealing with eDiscovery challenges is being prepared. With this in mind, we assist clients in considering areas of information management, identification and preservation/collection, all aimed at reducing risks.

Deloitte discovery professionals deliver solutions to complex electronic discovery challenges that our clients face, using our state-of-the-art facilities and technology. We collaborate with our clients to assist with the preservation, collection, processing, hosting and production of data subject to discovery.

•Helping clients to navigate legal, government, regulatory and statutory investigations

•Identification, recovery, processing and analysis of all available sources of electronic evidence, in a timely and cost-effective manner