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Deloitte Legal Process Outsourcing

The Deloitte Legal Process Outsourcing (DLPO) strategy is to establish Deloitte as legal managed service provider by offering an improved capability being provided by your in-house legal function, resulting in an increase in overall commercial and legal skill and experience.

DLPO offers professional and experienced lawyers working as an extension or replacement of your in-house legal function. The scope spans both the private sector and public sector and covers contracting in numerous different industries including, but not limited to, Banking and Financial Services, Insurance Services, Professional Services and Technology, Media and Telecommunications.

Our services

  • Commercial Contract Negotiation and Drafting – We specialise in providing a focused solution oriented commercial contracting process. This involves negotiation, drafting and the review commercial contracts. Types of contracts include (but is not limited to) master services agreements, non-disclosure agreements, data processing agreements, licence and reseller agreements and local implementation agreements.
  • Post-Signature and Contract Management – We manage and control document repositories by extracting metadata and uploading active contracts, metadata management and reporting and new user provisioning.
  • Bulk Project / Due diligence support– We perform once-off bulk contract reviews to answer specific analysis or legal position questions across a set of contracts and due diligence reviews.

Links to relevant Deloitte global sites

The Legal Process Outsourcing is built on the model (albeit on a much smaller scale for now) of the service offered by Deloitte globally, being Legal Managed Services.

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