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Board effectiveness assessments

Board effectiveness assessments

An effective board and well-functioning corporate governance structure is a crucial element to safeguarding your business and is the foundation on which sustainable long-term success can be built. A regular external assessment of the effectiveness of your board is an excellent way of adding value to the organisation and ensuring effective decision-making at the top of the organisation.


Deloitte has considerable experience working with boards and board-level committees, ranging from family-owned and privately held organisations, to listed and regulated organisations. Deloitte’s custom built board effectiveness assessment tool integrates all phases of the assessment process and is tailored to your specific organisational structure, allowing for an assessment that is proportionate to the complexity of your business


Deloitte’s Global Board Governance Framework

Effectiveness is more than structures and processes. It is also about the dynamics and behaviours of the individuals that comprise the board and its committees. Deloitte’s Global Board Governance Framework focusses on how the board discharges its key roles and enablers that support the board in fulfilling its responsibilities. The Framework forms the foundation of Deloitte’s Board Effectiveness Assessment methodology—allowing for customisation based on the circumstances of your specific company’s governance structure.

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