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Women in Cyber Podcasts

These podcasts are a series of interviews with women who work in cyber telling their stories through inspiring messages and dispelling the stereotypes around what a cyber professional looks like, the education they “should” have, or the skills they “should” possess; and to put forth voices and opinions that future cyber professionals can relate to and see themselves in.

Women in Cyber – Interview with Bavani Chetty

In this podcast we interview Bavani Chetty who talks through her Cyber career journey. She shares her passion and interest in IT since childhood which grew into specific disciplines in the field of Cyber.

Women in Cyber – Interview with Michelle Govender

In this podcast we interview Michelle Govender from the Emerging Technology space. Michelle started exploring Cyber as a field engineer and talks through how she overcame obstacles and obtained the necessary skills and experience to build a career in Cyber.

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