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Data driven decision making in the “new normal”

Most of us could never have imagined the unparalleled effect COVID-19 is having on everything that we used to consider normal. Businesses that have survived the initial crisis and now subsequent waves will have to navigate through the recovery period, which some analysts say will be even harder on balance sheets than the initial lockdowns. Government and public services organisations are also having to reform and transform the way they operate due to the effects of the pandemic on the citizens they serve and staff and suppliers – often from the private sector, who deliver the services.

As a result, the need for more advanced techniques such as advanced scenario modelling and analytics insights as a service, leveraging new functionality in easy to scale cloud platforms, are even more important now than ever before.

In the new normal, industries and governments will have to find ways to fund, develop, and utilise data and analytics solutions that will drive businesses, markets, and society to recover and thrive. This article offers a guideline on how to navigate the new normal using data driven approaches.
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