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Your essential guide to de-risking Africa

Unlocking the value in Africa

Doing business in Africa is successful only when you do so with your eyes wide open and by deliberately managing risks and opportunities.

Africa is a continent of disparate markets requiring differentiated and tailored solutions. We commit to adding value as your partner for Africa, giving you the passport to doing business in Africa.

In this report we outline the top 12 risks to consider when operating in Africa

1.           Changes in legislation & regulation
2.           Infrastructure
3.           Cybercrime, IT failures, Data breaches
5.           Business interruption & supply chain
6.           Third party
7.           Business model/ product adaptation
8.           Corporate governance
9.           Information Management
10.         Loss of reputation or brand value
11.         Theft, fraud & Corruption
12.         Human resources: talent and skills

In this report we outline the top 12 risks to consider when operating in AfricaOur agility and ability to respond swiftly leveraging our insights, value propositions, tools and global reach, positions us perfectly to navigate the uncertainties in the business world and help you  shape the future landscape of business. We outline the risks businesses are faced with when operating in the African continent. Deloitte Risk Advisory Africa assist our clients mitigate these risks and convert them into opportunities.

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