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Cloud Computing

Deloitte has unique, cross-functional cloud computing services that unlock measurable business value, enabling innovation, competitive advantage, agility, scalability and flexibility, while addressing governance, risk and compliance requirements. We have a global breadth and industry depth market view around cloud computing as an enabler and disruptive force supporting mobile, social, cyber security and analytics in a framework of the post-digital enterprise. We provide clients with a unique and pragmatic approach to cloud computing that focuses on technology, risks and business transformation.

Cloud adoption in South Africa is still very reactionary, specifically due to regulatory issues, compliance and security concerns, bandwidth constraints and inadequate understanding about what makes cloud computing different from traditional virtual infrastructures. Cloud computing is not simply a technology evolution. It is a different way of enabling and transforming enterprise IT delivery and services.

Cloud computing is not a one-size-fits-all solution, so it is critical to perform a detailed analysis before deciding on the best approach for your organisation. This process revolves around analysing five core areas:

  • Alignment of cloud benefits to strategy
  • Support from management and business initiatives
    Business readiness and the maturity of cloud products and suppliers
  • Regulatory and compliance considerations (specifically around the security of personal and commercial data when held on shared servers or located overseas)
  • Understanding of specific business and technology risks (Data management and controls, security, identity and access management, resiliency and availability, vendor management, and governance and risk management).
  • As your trusted advisors, we will assist you throughout your journey to the Cloud.
    Cloud assurance services (ISAE 3402, internal/external audit support; governance, security, risk and compliance)
  • Cloud advisory services (unlocking the value of cloud opportunities for cloud providers and cloud users)
  • Cloud implementation services (develop and implement cloud services at every stage of adoption)

There is a clear edge for early adopters of cloud computing, transforming and enabling their business and IT models towards cost effectiveness, enhanced collaboration, increased agility and innovative solutions. There is a real competitive need to consider how your organisation can benefit from cloud adoption. Whether you’re just getting started with your cloud strategy, or you are looking for smart ways to expand current initiatives, we can help you in your efforts. Our strong independence philosophy and virtually unmatched global capabilities mean that you’ll get objective advice and implementation-related services to effectively help you in your efforts to implement a cloud solution to address your important business challenges.

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