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COVID-19: Cyber Awareness, Preparedness and Response

There is limited precedent into how COVID-19 will impact the technology-reliant business world today. Unlike past epidemics, COVID-19 has caused discrete financial “shocks” and broader day-to-day disruption which will likely lead to secondary and tertiary cyber implications.  These secondary and tertiary implications are related to the potential impact on labour forces and financial hardship in general.  These include attacks related to disgruntled employees reacting to labour force cuts or how they aretreated, to financial hardship as a result of the pandemic that may force impacted individuals to become involved in cyber-criminal activity. The constant need for information about the virus creates the perfect platform for cyber criminals to attack unsuspecting victims. 

The Deloitte Cyber team shares considerations that your organisation can use to ensure awareness, preparedness and response during these challenging times.

The documents highlight:

  • Cyber-security considerations during remote working
  • Steps to secure your environment 
  • How to be aware of cyber-criminal tactics

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