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South African Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Programme

Naturally resourceful

The renewables programme, initiated by the South African government, has resulted in over 6 000 MW of generation capacity being allocated to bidders across a variety of technologies, principally in wind and solar.

Deloitte is able to assist our clients with and end-to-end renewable energy independent power producer programme service offering. This includes project finance model builds or reviews in renewable energy projects. We build dynamic financial models geared towards renewable energy projects that, facilitate tariff optimisation, produce a set of forecast financial statements and cater for various funding structures.

Our models are constructed in line with local tax legislation requirements as well as IFRS. Deloitte also offers E2E services around renewable energy constructs, including Legal and Risk services.

Our review procedures include the verification of:

  • Model integrity
  • Accuracy of assumptions & inputs
  • Compliance with local tax legislationC
  • ompliance with IFRS

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