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Beauty Retail

A closer look at current trends impacting beauty specialist retailers

Key Insights of the report

This report discusses current trends that are impacting beauty specialist retailers (BSRs), such as Sephora and Douglas and how retailers are addressing them in order to be well-positioned for the future. BSRs are characterised by specific product offerings mainly consisting of cosmetics, skin care and fragrances, positioned primarily in the premium and luxury price segments. The main BSR distribution channels are classical brick-and-mortar stores as well as an ever-increasing online presence.

We discuss trends such as digitisation and the instore experience, the rise of natural products and growing segments such as CBD products and men’s skincare. In addition, we explore how marketing is changing for BSR’s with respect to using social media as a tool and advanced pricing tools. Lastly, we touch on the impact of the global pandemic on this industry and long term strategies.

BSRs are part of a wider beauty retailing ecosystem. To a limited extent, we will also take a look at health & beauty retailers (HBRs), and department stores and supermarkets (DSs). Other retailing formats such as direct distribution, cosmetic studios, and pure online retailers are not covered in this paper.

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