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Deloitte Forensic Symposium
Thursday, 16 November 2023 9:30 AM CAT


16 Nov.

Thursday, 09:30 CAT

Deloitte Forensic Symposium

In commemoration of the International Fraud Awareness Week, Deloitte Africa is hosting the 2023 Deloitte Forensic Symposium themed ‘Unmasking deception: Empowering our clients with tools and technologies to combat fraud’.

Highlights of this event include:

  • Visionary thought leaders: Industry leaders will empower our audience with actionable strategies.
  • Collaborative networking: Our audience will forge connections with industry luminaries, peers, and our dedicated team, to foster synergies against fraud.
  • Indispensable insights: Our audience will engage in enlightening discussions with experts, that will unravel valuable knowledge and best practices for fraud prevention.
  • Technological tools: We will showcase forensic technological tools to demonstrate Deloitte’s global advancement in combating fraud.

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