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Corporate Reporting for Financial Services
Friday, 16 June 2023 8:30 AM EAT


16 Jun.

Friday, 08:30 EAT

Corporate Reporting for Financial Services

Meet the Experts

Financial reporting frameworks are constantly evolving, now faster than ever, and corporate reporting finds itself at its greatest inflection point in decades. There is increasing importance of reporting meaningful information to a broad group of stakeholders and a heightened demand for sustainability reporting.

Deloitte has the pleasure of inviting you to our workshop where our experts will provide key strategies that can be deployed in your organisation to meet today’s stakeholder information needs.

Webinar Details

  • Updates from IASB and ISSB – Financial reporting and Sustainability reporting.
  • Topical and contemporary IFRS 9 matters regarding
  • Classification and measurement of loans
  • Impairment and ECL calculation
  • Derecognition of financial assets
  • Financial guarantees and loan commitments
  • Providing Financial Instruments; Disclosures with clarity
  • Credit risk, Liquidity risk and Market risk
  • Applying IAS 21 in a volatile foreign exchange environment.
  • Applying the recognition and measurement principles of provisions in IAS 37
  • Evaluating events after the reporting period in IAS 10


  •  Enable participants understand and stay current with up-to-date knowledge on corporate reporting matters in the Financial Services industry.
  •  Provide participants with practical experience and insights on significant challenges affecting the industry and their reporting impact.
  •  Enable participants approach, prepare and navigate successfully future changes in the reporting landscape.
  • Participants will engage with industry experts on topical issues
  • Interaction and engagement with other industry colleagues
  • Access to relevant thought leadership
  • Earned CPD hours
  • Certificate of attendance


If you have any questions please reach out to Rebecca Muriuki or Tony Kinyua.