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The future is now

Unleashing the Age of With™ powered by Analytics & AI

Humans with machines. Data with purpose. You with your customers. The power of "with" has never been greater. Deloitte is helping organisations harness that power to identify unique advantages through analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to move faster with greater precision, to pinpoint truths that improve decision-making, and to create beneficial connections with customers. The Age of With is here. And the potential is everywhere.

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Human-centered design

AI tools typically yield little direct outcome until paired with human-centered design (HCD). Through HCD, we examine how people perceive, interpret, and act on information, then use that understanding to engineer insight delivery systems that help close the loop between machine-discovered insights and human actions. HCD accounts for context and application. It considers the presentation of data and ways it may influence decision-making. It even factors in the timing and locations of actions and their cascading effects on talent, customers, products, and more.


Humans with machines. It’s multiplication by addition.

We helped a client automate more than 1,200 forms using robotics and intelligent automation.
The bots reduced decision times from 96 hours down to 0 hours, dramatically improving consumer satisfaction while turning client teams toward other more valuable tasks.

We used a proprietary solution to optically extract data from thousands of commercial loan documents for a financial sector M&A deal. The system saved 4,000 hours of manual labor time and improved accuracy of the data transfer.

Image recognition

We designed a system that uses sensors to monitor fleet vehicles globally and automatically alert our client’s customers to the need for maintenance and connect the customer to a service center. The system even ships the necessary parts.


Turning a world of "ifs" into "thens"

Deloitte's experience, breadth, and size can create a significant advantage for Organisation seeking to implement cognitive technologies, from industry-ready plug-and-play modules that can get you up and running fast to comprehensive system design and integration that accounts for complex individualised needs.