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Resilience in the extended enterprise

Article series around the supply chain disruption: A fast and pragmatic way to stabilize supply chains

In this current crisis, there is a lot of uncertainty among manufacturing companies regarding their suppliers’ ability to fulfil orders and meet financial obligations. The lack of transparency in most supply chains as well as under-resourced monitoring and management systems are making a tough situation even worse.

Short-term solutions:

  • Fast, reliable risk detection systems across the entire supply chain using internal and external data sources as well as intelligent tools
  • Fast, focused analysis of the baseline situation for each individual supplier.
  • Directing an established crisis task force to look at the situation of the suppliers. Hence, the crisis task force can provide targeted support and adapt the focus of stakeholder communication accordingly.
  • Help suppliers secure their cash flow with the following measures, among others: – Set up a financial crisis management team to forecast cash flow and identify any existing gaps (i.e., cash flow calculations with scenarios)—Develop measures to bridge any cash flow gaps, e.g., by applying for state aid or implementing rapid working capital optimisation measures.
  • Identify and secure critical resources (above all staff) needed to keep operations and deliveries running.
  • Gradually improve operations and delivery by securing the supply of materials and optimising production capacity, among other things.
  • Create a communication strategy vis-à-vis the relevant stakeholders as part of crisis management.
  • Develop and qualify alternative ways of securing the company’sown supply chain (fallback option).

How we can help

Our experienced team will provide fast, practical support to helpyou identify vulnerabilities in your supply chain and develop appropriate countermeasures.  The critical success factor for us as a team is our unique combination of deep financial expertise and solid implementation experience. We rely on intelligent tools such as artificial intelligence to support our work and leverage detailed insights from relevant projects in crisis situations.

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