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Mergers & Acquisitions

Growth - it’s core to the future of any business and the future prosperity of this continent. But what happens when markets saturate or decline and organic gains flatten? Growth through merger or acquisition, of course. But how do you choose the right businesses to buy, or navigate the complications of deals or even implement the business changes needed to make sure the merger succeeds?​

As an end-to-end M&A partner, we are uniquely positioned to help you from transaction to transformation -to exponentially excite your inorganic growth. ​

We have a diverse team who not only bring global and local industry insight, but deep understanding of African markets and sectors too. We’re also multi-disciplined, so we can collaborate from M&A strategy to deal making and due diligence, through to after the deal, to ensure strategic objectives are met and stakeholders remain aligned. ​

As your total M&A partner, we’ll help embed growth into your DNA, so you can do the business-impossible sustainably and help Africa grow too. That’s the impact that matters. 

M&A from Deloitte Consulting Africa

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