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Digital Commerce Offering

Digital Commerce Consumer Report

Deloitte Digital Commerce - highlights

Background to our Digital Commerce Market Offering and research

With Covid-19 lockdown, we’ve seen an uptake in online shopping, and driving Digital Commerce to the top of the Executive agenda. Many of the barriers consumers have for shopping online have been challenged and shifted, but in our ambition to guide our clients with their Digital Commerce offerings and journeys, we felt there was a need for a structured approach to this challenge, and a lack of insights into understanding the concerns, the critical elements to unlock the customer’s online shopping journey, and a deep understanding of the customer needs that would create successful online/omni-channel commerce offerings.

Deloitte’s Digital Commerce Offering

A strong digital Commerce offering is not just about having the right technology in place. It’s about a new way of generating growth, revenue and future proofing your business. We believe that every company is challenged with combining technology, data, and software into compelling user experiences that support their business strategy, and our job is to help our clients think through it and come up with practical and actionable solutions.

The starting point should always be: “what problem are you solving for a customer?”

Within a Digital Commerce business, there are more than 37 capabilities needed, and at Deloitte, we are uniquely positioned to tap into our local and global multi-disciplinary teams utilising existing offerings and capabilities but applied to address the unique challenges and aspects of a Digital Commerce environment and business. We have structed our Digital Commerce offering to cover 8 core streams and a 6-step process to support clients on their Digital Commerce and omni-channel journeys.

Deloitte’s SA Digital Commerce Consumer Report

In our ambition to guide our clients we felt there was a lack of insights into understanding the concern, critical elements in the customer’s online shopping journey and understanding the different consumer profiles. Most studies only engaged the higher income groups that are online and already shopping, there is limited insights into the mass South African market and what would drive them to consider engaging in digital commerce activities.

For this reason, Deloitte commissioned a specific research study designed to give a national representation of the SA population and to gain deep insights into their online shopping preferences, behaviours and future intend.

This research examines the unique demographics that are present within South Africa and aims to unpack the needs and challenges of different consumer profiles when it comes to shopping online. The full report will be available in January 2021. Below you will find a webinar where we dig into the key themes that emerged from the research.

Deloitte Digital Commerce

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