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Coming of age digitally

Learning, leadership, and legacy

As businesses mature digitally, they stand apart from rivals. A survey by MIT SMR & Deloitte found digitally mature companies are better at developing digital leaders, pushing decision-making deeper, & responding faster to the marketplace

What issues does this address?

This year’s research provides some important insights into how companies are adapting to a digital business environment:

  • Organisations are beginning to make progress digitally.
  • Developing digital leaders sets digitally maturing companies apart.
  • Digitally maturing companies push decision-making further down into the organisation.
  • Digital business is faster, more flexible and distributed, and has a different culture and mindset than traditional business.
  • Digitally maturing organisations are more likely to experiment and iterate.
  • Individuals report needing to continually develop their skills but say they get little to no support from their organistion to do so.

Coming of age digitally

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