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Tuned Assessment of Skills and Knowledge (T.A.S.K.®)

Deloitte Consulting is excited to publish the latest update of T.A.S.K.®

T.A.S.K.® is a widely used and well-established web-based job evaluation system. It is a factor- and skills-based system, which recognises the natural progression of knowledge and skills required to perform jobs at the various levels of the organisation.

Deloitte has incorporated feedback from users, best practice and research to streamline the functionality of the system, while maintaining its reliability. T.A.S.K.® is already known for its clarity and ease of use, and in our review of thesystem, we have further enhanced this aspect, making the grading process moreefficient, more reliable and more transparent.

The skill levels and grades in the T.A.S.K.® system correlate directly to the Paterson bands and grades. T.A.S.K.® is a propriety product of Deloitte, cementing our interest in maintaining and enhancing the system for its users.

We are also excited to announce that T.A.S.K.® is the first job grading system with a 100% eLearning capability, in which licensed users can learn to grade online.

Job grading is critical in business today – organisations need a defensible method for the structuring and differentiation of pay. Job grading is an objective, reliable, fair and defensible process for comparing job complexity. Job grades assist in defining career paths, provide a rational basis upon which to build and maintain an equitable pay structure and are a justifiable method for establishing the internal and external worth or size of a job. 

Why use T.A.S.K.® as the preferred job grading system

  • The system is widely used in Africa, across all economic sectors and in a wide variety of organisations.
  • T.A.S.K.® grades can be directly correlated to Paterson grades, making the transition from Paterson to T.A.S.K.® a simple process. Correlations between T.A.S.K.® and other established job evaluation systems are also available.
  • The system offers an efficient process with reliable outcomes, and lends itself to stakeholder involvement, since the terminology and scoring methodology are simple to understand and apply.
  • Questions are phrased in everyday language, allowing for consistent interpretation and application. The system also houses numerous practical examples to further clarify the application of the T.A.S.K.® concepts in the working environment.
  • The Deloitte JE Web system, which hosts our proprietary job evaluation systems, offers the uploading of source documents against job evaluation sessions, the storing of evaluation audit trails, comprehensive reporting features, and the ability to moderate job evaluation sessions – all accessed from an internet browser.
  • If you are also a Deloitte Survey client, you can draw basic salary benchmark information as part of the job grading reports.
  • If you are a Bureau client (your job grading is outsourced to Deloitte), you will be able to access your job grading information and download reports directly.

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