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Deloitte AI Institute

Connecting enterprises to all the dimensions of the AI ecosystem.

24-hour global conference April 18–19, 2023

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The era of artificial intelligence has arrived, revealing profound questions for all of us—students and academics, entrepreneurs and business leaders, policymakers and issue advocates alike.

What are the limits of AI's potential, if any?
What are the opportunities for commerce, government and academia?
How do we use AI to reap the greatest rewards while mitigating sizable risks?

These questions have global implications, just like AI itself. It will take global thinking and connected solutions to realize the potential of AI to transform the world for the better—and to ethically address the economic, political and human challenges that arise in the era of smart machines.

Every voice matters—because every person is impacted. That’s why we’re convening informed leaders, researchers and practitioners from around the world to share perspectives and explore how AI is changing their parts of the world. Events cycle around the globe over the course of 24 hours, with leading presenters covering regional and globally critical issues—including use cases, emerging practices, speed of implementation, governance, bias, and future states and timelines. It’s all brought to you by Deloitte AI Institute offices from around the globe.

If AI is on your mind, it’s time to put it on your calendar. This first-of-its-kind virtual conference is designed to help inform and empower each of us about the opportunities and risks that are up to all of us to address. It’s a must-attend for the AI community—no matter your role or interest.

Humans with machines

Welcome to the Age of With™

Predict what's possible in the Age of With, then translate insight into trustworthy performance. Deloitte brings end-to-end AI offerings together with domain and industry insight to drive stronger outcomes through human and machine collaboration.

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