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Customer Service Excellence Survey 2022

How are the expectations of organisations and the market changing in terms of tasks entrusted to the Customer Service Department?

Get acquainted with Deloitte’s new insights on Customer Service! Getting personalised service is more important for Customer Satisfaction than time required to solve an issue. Welcome to our extended edition of Deloitte’s Customer Service Excellence survey. This survey intends to track insights on factors that impact service excellence, a concept that incorporates both understanding the frontend and backend of the customer service function.

The aim of this survey is two fold. Firstly, this survey is a result of insights generated by widely spread CX (Customer Experience) Driver survey 7000 responses in 6 countries) from 2021 where handling enquiries inefficiently was pointed out as a key blocker for good Customer Experience in all participating countries (see results in next page). With that in mind, this survey is aimed at gaining in depth analysis of how businesses handle customer requests and what can be improved in order to drive better customer experience.
Secondly, by following European and Global trend reports of Customer Service Centers (CSC), it is evident that the importance of understanding how to better meet customers’ various and changing demands has never been more important. Therefore, this year we extended the survey scope to include insights from several of our European markets and across industries.

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