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Catch the wave

The 21st century career

In an age where skill sets can become obsolete in just a few years, many workers are scrambling just to stay current. How can organisations encourage continuous learning and foster a growth mind-set in every employee, year after year?

Catch the wave: The 21st-century career Click here to read more

The traditional career growth model of an entry-level worker slowly and steadily climbing the corporate ladder is no longer the reality for working professionals. Shorter tenures, the pressure to master new technologies, and gap in skills cause organisations to question how they can foster growth and retain the workforce.

Our latest article provides suggestions on how organisations can mitigate the consequences of the new career dynamics, some of which include:

  • Creating a culture of learning among the workforce through learning and development programs
  • Rewarding managers for developing their people\
  • Investing in a large library of training content for employees to use
  • Working closely with business leaders on job design and organizational design to move people into more “human” roles as technology is adopted

Although nothing can reverse the trends of the new career dynamics, organisations can make the transition easier by adopting an active program to support employees’ reskilling, re-education, and career development. We have identified many ways of helping organisations to redesign their support structures for their workforces; reach out to me or download the report to find out how we are helping organisations.

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