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The risk committee resource guide for boards

Is your company considering establishing a board risk committee, but not sure where to begin? To assist boards in thinking through risk governance and oversight, Deloitte is pleased to offer the “Risk committee resource guide for boards.”

"As a result of the increasing regulatory requirements for risk management oversight, Deloitte expects board risk committees to become an accepted fact of life at major banks and at many financial services companies, and, while they may not become common in other enterprises, they may be considered by large companies in virtually all industries."

This guide is designed to help organizations develop and strengthen their risk committees, and can also help boards improve risk governance and oversight even if a formal risk committee is not being established in the near future. The guide includes tools and resources that allow readers to explore topics such as key considerations in forming a risk committee; the risk committee’s charter, composition, and responsibilities; and risk committee education and evaluation.

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