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Where Risk Advisory intelligence meets Digital Prowess

Optimize decisions for focused impact

DecisionOptimizer is a comprehensive risk management and decision-support platform that provides actionable insights about the real drivers of organizational, functional, or project success. With external media sensing capabilities, access to a global network of experts, and the ability to integrate with nearly any data source, companies have everything they need to make optimal, context-aware decisions in a way that maximizes the chances of achieving success.


The Deloitte Difference

Knowledge elicitation

Elicit key expertise from both within and outside of your organization, leveraging the best information available, wherever it may lie.

Data and systems integration

Integrate with all major data sources to turn subjective, opinion-driven decisions into objective, data-driven ones.

Intelligent media sensing

Daily alerts showing developments that have the potential to affect your business.

Interconnected driver maps

A truly connected view of what drives your business, cutting through the
complexity to show you where to focus to achieve success.

Scenario analysis

While the driver map gives you a view of what drives your business today, scenario analysis allows for the exploration of what could drive your business tomorrow.

Focused view of the true drivers of success

Key insights into critical decisions

Objective, not subjective decisions

Evolving view as global context changes

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