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Junior Consultant | Tax

TrAX Graduate Programme

As a Deloitte Tax & Legal professional, you will work with colleagues across the globe to address the complex, ever-changing challenges of our clients. This practical approach broadens your tax and legal knowledge, instils and builds confidence to take on new challenges, and allows you to expand your career possibilities. Your experience is enhanced by working with bright and motivated colleagues from all over the world, on thought provoking projects both for clients and the broader community.

The overall aim is to ensure that tax graduates have a seamless integration into their professional role as tax practitioners in Taxation Services at Deloitte. The TrAX curriculum consists of the following pathways: specialised tax-technical development, professional & leadership development and on-the-job coaching/development through cross functional tax experience across tax service areas.

The programme consists of 24 months of ongoing development. It follows a blended learning approach as well as the performance methodology of Tax & Legal. 

Applications for the 2024  intake are now open.  Click here to apply.



Graduates who are currently completing a Postgraduate/Honours qualification in Tax and have completed an Accounting/Finance Undergraduate qualification 

New Graduates who have recently completed their Postgraduate/Honours in Tax and have completed an Accounting/Finance Undergraduate qualification 

Key Performance Areas

  • Strategic Impact

Under guidance, supports the delivery efforts of the engagement team in  area of competency

  • Budgets / Profitability

  Submits any billing, expense claims and timesheets on time

Core Technical/Professional Capabilities

  • Tax Laws and Rules

   Develops knowledge of current tax legislation across the Global Tax and Legal function

  • Delivery Excellence

   Recognizes the key capabilities required to deliver a high quality service experience to the client

  • · Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving

     Collects, assimilates, and analyzes data and uses standard processes and tools to help surface and support solutions in the Tax and Legal business

  • Technology Tools and Solutions

 Applies technology knowledge to address client business challenges

Specialised Technical Capabilities

Tax & Legal follows a carefully designed technical curriculum which is Business Unit specific. You will be attending various technical learning sessions throughout the duration of the contract.

Structure of technical learning:

  • Tax technical boot camps during onboarding in January. Peer-to-peer learning sessions overseen by a manager, scheduled to take place upon completion of each rotation – self paced and individual specific
  • Ongoing technical sessions – the focus of these sessions is to embed transfer of learning from the boot camp sessions
  • Online technical development and enrichment – a learning guide will be communicated during onboarding which contains details of courses to be completed
  • During rotation, you will attend the rotation teams’ technical sessions

Note: The above is an overview and is subject to change as required by the talent team.

Professional and Leadership Skills component

Professional and Leadership (P&L) learning pathways are aligned to Global best practice. They are comprised of globally developed, locally delivered learning programs and include a range of course types – from instructor-led (live and virtual), podcasts, book summaries, and recommended readings, to modular and standalone e-learning offerings. You will follow the learning pathway at the junior, new-in-grade level, which contains a mix of Industry, Professional and Leadership learning.

Formal classroom sessions are also attended during the first year. Sessions will commence immediately with an extended onboarding specific to graduates to assist you in settling in to Tax & Legal. Professional skills modules include business etiquette, building relationships with clients, and emotional intelligence in the workplace as well as presentation skills basics. A new feature of the development pathway is to have coaching conversations on an individual/group basis to assist in building areas of strength and aligning expectations. Coaching conversations continue into the second year.

The sessions are designed to assist in assimilating the necessary skills for the mini assessment, which will be a presentation to a panel of Tax directors. The presentation covers your value proposition and the future of tax. This will take place at the end of the first year of the programme and serve as selection process for home base in the second year.

On the-job-learning component

Rotation is the informal on-the-job learning component of our TrAX programme, and is critical for the transfer of learning. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in each business unit to obtain the cross-functional skills and practice which are necessary for your tax specialization selection.

You will have an opportunity to select four business units in which you have an interest and would like a rotation; depending on availability and business needs, you will qualify for at least three of the selections.

Upon completion of the three rotations, you will select your preferred business unit in which you would like to specialize. There will then be a home base allocated for the conclusion of the second year based on business need, suitability, overall performance and the mini assessment process.

Required qualifications

  • B Com Accounting/Finance
  • Postgraduate qualification in Tax (Honours) required
  • BA /BCom(Law)
  • Undergraduate Commerce,
  • Undergraduate Economics,
  • Undergraduate Financial Sciences, Or similar Undergraduate degrees.
  • Postgraduate in any of the above would be advantageous. 

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