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Deloitte: The start of great things

What impact will you make?

As a student you’re probably wondering: “Where could a graduate opportunity at Deloitte take me?” We spoke to some of our Partners & Directors who came into Deloitte as new graduates; let them tell you first-hand.

Mohammed started his CA articles at Deloitte in 2006, and was admitted to the Partnership in 2016. He has worked in our Audit Advisory, Business Process Solutions and Strategy & Operations service lines respectively (as he puts it, he is on his third “career” in the same firm!) He spoke to us about his multifaceted career journey and the aspects he loves about working at Deloitte. Read more

Egnes began her career at Deloitte as a Junior Consultant in 2003, and was admitted to the Partnership in 2016. She tells us how a chance meeting with a Deloitte EXCO member led to the beginning of a 15-year strong journey with Deloitte, and shares invaluable advice for STEM graduates in today’s business landscape. Read more

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What impact will you make?

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