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Recruitment Process

Now that you have taken valuable time to complete our application process, discover what comes next.

Our selection process has a number of stages to give you the chance to learn about us, as well as helping us learn about you.

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Initial Screening

What happens?

Your online application will be reviewed by the relevant Talent Acquisition team member. They will assess your skills and experience to determine your match to the key selection criteria.

The job advertisement will give you a clear understanding of the requirements for the role.


The Talent Acquisition team will be in contact with you once they have received your application.

Interview Process

What happens?

Our interviews are competency based and are conducted by experienced interviewers:

  • The first interview will generally be a telephonic screening / face to face initial interview with a member of the Talent Acquisition team. This is also your opportunity to ask any questions about the role and the firm
  • This is followed by a face-to-face technical, panel or case study interview with the service line you are applying for. This is an in-depth interview and discussion regarding your technical and motivational fit for the role, team and firm. The number of interviews varies from service line to service line
  • The final stage will be a meeting with a Partner/Director from the service line you may be joining.

#Where needed, based on location, interviews are conducted via a Video Conference / Skype.


Online or face to face, conducted as soon as practically possible dependent on the candidate / business availability.

Assessments / Testing (Where applicable)

What happens?

For some roles we may require you to complete either psychometric or skills based tests depending on the role and Service line.


Online or face to face as required, within two weeks.

Pre-Employment Checks

What happens?

Following the interview process if we progress to the final stage of an employment offer, pre-employment checks are conducted. These include employment references and qualification checking via MIE.


Following finalisation of the interview process.


What happens?

Following pre-employment screening and offer approval:

  • A verbal offer will be made by the Talent Acquisition representative.
  • This is followed by a written contract.
  • This contract allows you to access details of the offer and employment conditions.


Once offer has been approved.


What Happens?

In addition to the online on-boarding tool, you will also have access to a member of the HR team.


Determined by the availability of the successful candidate. 

At all times, your designated Talent Advisor will keep you updated and informed in terms of the process being followed.