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Wellbeing @ Deloitte

In line with our Shared Values, we recognise that the wellbeing of our people is paramount. We aim to create a psychologically safe working environment where Deloitte professionals can unlock their full potential, make an impact that matters, and function optimally at work and on a personal level.

We understand that as the world evolves, so does the wellbeing of our people. With this in mind, we will continue to redefine and design inclusive wellness offerings to suit our Deloitte professionals’ needs.

Employee Wellbeing Programme

Our Employee Wellbeing Programme is committed to creating a culture where we take care of each other, where Deloitte professionals have a sense of belonging and are supported to be their absolute best. 


Our holistic approach to wellbeing is grounded in the following three pillars:

Our people are encouraged to look after their bodies to promote longevity, maintain good health and enjoy an energised lifestyle.

We aim to enhance the emotional resilience of our people, nurture creativity and to help Deloitte professionals to consistently be the best and most authentic version of themselves.

We encourage and inspire our people to discover their reason for being and make meaningful contributions at work and in their communities. 

Our in-house Deloitte wellness offerings include:

  • Facilitated educational wellness webinars to re-enforce positive behaviours and empower our people to take positive actions and function optimally in their work and personal lives.
  • Opportunities for unstructured downtime and connection including mental wellbeing reboot days, which is offered to all Deloitte professionals, to take at a time that works best for them between October and December.
  • On-site canteens with healthy meal options across certain offices.
  • Wellness days to support employee health and wellbeing and provide access to relevant information. The following initiatives have been implemented as part of our wellness days:
    • Annual flu vaccinations
    • Vitamin B-shot drives
    • Blood donation drives
    • Bone barrow drives
    • Regular health awareness campaigns.

Employee support networks

As part of our continued efforts to cultivate an inclusive culture, we have established tailored support networks to guide the firm in implementing impactful and sustainable wellness and inclusion interventions. These include:

Our network of wellbeing warriors aims to weave well-being into our daily lives through building a community of passionate individuals who are committed to taking care of each other and seeing a positive change in our individual and collective wellbeing. 

Our disability and neurodiversity advisory group is a network of individuals with relevant lived experiences who are involved in driving actions around disability and neurodiversity inclusion through learning and engagement.

The purpose of the network is for our LGBT+ (lesbian, gay, bi, trans and more) professionals to feel supported and confident in being who they are and empowered to thrive.

The purpose of the EEDI network is to promote fair and equal opportunities, eliminate unfair discrimination and foster diversity and inclusion across the firm.

A comprehensive suite of psychosocial services is provided by Life Health Solutions:

We have partnered with Life Health Solutions (LHS) to provide comprehensive psycho-social and wellness services to our people in South Africa.

LHS has a network of suitability qualified professionals and extensive experience in employee wellness and health risk management. LHS specialises in providing integrated solutions that foster a healthier work environment, promote holistic wellbeing, and optimal psycho-social functioning.

LHS provides caring, professional, confidential support to help our people manage their lives successfully by offering the following services:

  • Registered social workers and psychologists operate the LHS Care Centre to provide support 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Unlimited professional counselling and psycho-social support in all 11 official languages including sign language.
  • Virtual counselling also available through Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype or Microsoft Teams.
  • Crisis and trauma intervention.
  • Online wellness platform.

LHS offers a family care plan that supports individuals who are financially dependent on or living with you.

  • Family and relationship therapy.
  • Work-life balance education.
  • Family support and advice.
  • Substance abusesupport and management through therapy.

  • Managerial consultancy and support.
  • Support to enhance employee performance.
  • Decrease absenteeism and improve resilience.
  • Conflict mediation services.
  • Emotional impact sessions.
  • Physical health & nutrition advice.
  • Online health risk assessment education.
  • Financial coaching and budgeting.
  • Debt advice.
  • Home loan assistance.
  • Wills and estate planning.
  • Reviewing legal contracts and documents.
  • Written legal advice packages.
  • Unlimited telephonic legal advice.

CAMAF Medical Aid

The Chartered Accountants Medical Aid Fund's (CAMAF) approach to wellness is tailored to the individual and focuses on the prevention and management of diseases. CAMAF Preventative Wellness Cover, CAMAF online Wellness Programme and CAMAF Disease Management are available for all medical aid cover options.

The following tailored programmes are available to you as a CAMAF member:

  • Cancer programme
  • Diabetes & endocrinology programme
  • HIV/AIDS programme
  • Hypertension programme
  • Respiratory health programme
  • Stress programme
  • Cardiac support line
  • Mother-to-be programme
  • Lifestyle programme

The Wellness Centre in our Waterfall City office, in Midrand provides convenience and access to a variety of wellbeing service offerings. It is a safe and convenient space where Deloitte professionals can take the time to attend to their physical, mental and emotional health. The service offerings will continue to evolve based on the wellbeing needs our people. 

Deloitte ImpACT is our internal recognition programme that is driven by our Shared Values. These principles guide our collective behaviour globally and across the Africa Member Firm. The programme provides us with the opportunity to recognise our colleagues for making an impact that matters by going the extra mile, small acts of kindness and ultimately proudly living our Deloitte values.

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