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FinCrime Academy

Optimising compliance through data-driven learning

Introducing The FinCrime Academy

Organisations worldwide often struggle to find financial crime training that meets the demands of satisfying regulatory requirements, providing training tailored to the learner, and effectively reducing financial crime risk. Failing to effectively meet these 3 requirements can not only result in heavy fines, but also result in knowledge gaps that increase compliance, operational and reputational risk.

The FinCrime academy was created to solve this by giving organisations access to world class financial crime training that is available on any device, on aknowledge focused learning solution. By delivering bite sized micro-modules on a gamified, data-driven adaptive learning platform that tailors each learning plan to the knowledge of the learner, organisations can now actively measure and manage their compliance risk while our platform works hard in the background to increase access to learning and automatically decrease risk by increasing visibility, accountability, learning retention, engagement and application.

Increase retention and application

Our powerful multiple award winning adaptive learning algorithms enable us to decrease the time spent learning while significantly increasing long term retention and application - ultimately combating financial crime through a scalable and efficient learning process.

Learning in the flow of work

Since learning is accessible from any web-enabled device in bite-sized micro modules, learners can now learn from anywhere, in the flow of work, at their own time and pace, without disrupting their day to day, resulting in increased enjoyment and engagement.

Identify knowledge gaps that increase risk

By combining the power of adaptive learning, benchmarking, perception tests and polls, we can identify your organisation’s risk due to knowledge gaps and map that to key performance indicators you can monitor over time.

Decrease operational risk in real-time

After identifying knowledge gaps, our platform will work hard at closing those gaps and decrease operational risk by automatically creating a learning plan that will repeat concepts and questions tailored to each individual’s engagement and knowledge levels over time.

Tailored to each learner

Our platform benchmarks each learner’s prior knowledge on every concept in the course, and then repeats concepts and questions tailored to their individual knowledge level, giving every single learner a unique learning experience based on their own knowledge and engagement.

Bite sized learning on any device

Learning is delivered in short micro-modules on any web enabled device, which further increases retention by increasing learning frequency and access to learning.


We make learning fun, aspirational and dare we say addictive - using points, multiple leaderboards and badges. We activate the competitive edge within an organisation, increase engagement, adoption and incentivising learners for learning excellence.

Risk mapping and reporting

We not only report on the basic metrics like completion rates and test scores, but give you granular insights to the retention, accuracy and engagement rates of every learner, and create a risk based approach to learning by mapping long term retention and application rates to operational KPIs.

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