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Deloitte Africa Talent Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Africa Talent and what does it aim to achieve?
    • Africa Talent is a Deloitte division that recruits both top talent with experience and young graduates who are looking for experience. Africa Talent aims to create jobs on the African continent and support economic and skills development by exposing talent to global work opportunities through the Deloitte Network. Specifically, through Deloitte firms in Western Europe, and its clients. At Africa Talent, employees get the opportunity to support part of the Deloitte European firms overcome talent scarcity. The unique element is that employees are given an opportunity to work with international clients while still being based in the comfort of their own country, close to their families and friends.
  2. Why was Africa Talent started?
    • Africa Talent aims to tap into Africa’s youthful and growing population who are looking for global exposure without having to leave the continent. Through this initiative, Africa Talent can create local employment through a myriad of hybrid and remote working technologies and platforms. Africa Talent is able service the needs of areas such as Western Europe, which are characterised by an ageing workforce and have trouble finding talented professionals to serve client needs. Africa Talent is therefore designed to position Africa’s skilled pool talent to address Europe’s talent shortages – creating a win-win situation for both regions and it professionals.
  3. What kind of opportunities does it offer?
    • Africa Talent currently offers opportunities that sit within Risk Advisory. These are opportunities linked to areas such as IT Audit as well data analytics, cyber security and financial transactions processing and support. The professionals will also work in areas including financial and regulatory risk, sustainability as well as internal audit.
  4. What type of professionals does it aim to recruit?
    • Africa Talent is aimed at a broad range of professionals, including those with consulting or advisory experience, as well as graduates.
  5. Are the employment opportunities temporary or permanent?
    • The opportunities are long term contractual and permanent in nature. The positions offered by Deloitte Europe and its clients range from being project based, to long term in nature. The same will apply as more European member firms recruit from Africa Talent.
  6. How does Africa Talent exist alongside other Deloitte Africa departments, including those in Audit and Consulting?
    • Africa Talent is an independent business unit within Deloitte.  But as one Deloitte team, Africa Talent leverages from support services and combined offerings with other Deloitte Africa departments
  7. What do Africa Talent professionals work on?
    • Africa Talent professionals are skilled and continually trained in advisory risk advisory work. They support Europe based Deloitte teams in serving clients managing risks and thereby helping clients runs responsible businesses. The aim of Africa talent is to retain talent within the African continent, serving clients from the comfort of their own home while gaining international experience and addressing pressing client problems of our time.

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